I love this time of year, both the thinning of the veil and visits that it calls to, and the internal ‘hibernation’ or journeys that follow to the shadow self. This beautiful post resonates with both of these for me. Namaste, in balance. Kayla B, Shakti Shaman


I walk deosil to the easternmost edge of my sacred space

a black taper I hold in the dark of the night

darkness presses against the edge of my sphere

the night shall hold in it all possibilities

I extend my arm to touch the edge of the sphere with my candle

imagining that the night is being absorbed into the candle

I feel only the energy that surrounds me

I begin to move within the sphere as I draw the power of the night into the candle

I return to the spot of the east where I began and pull the charged candle away from the edge of the sphere

I vision myself already having what I ask for from the night

I recite the spell the words I so carefully wrote

words of detail that explain what I want fulfilled

I take a deep breath and exhale blasting…

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