Ancestral Veneration & Communion

Shared in perfect trust, is one of the ways I seek council and communion with my ancestors through divination.


Crystal Skull, Sea Shells from back home and crystals kept safe within the skull.

Black Copal
Smoke the sacred space to aid communication with the Ancestors.
To help retain and understand knowledge obtained during those communications.
As the smoke rises up to the offering vessels and crystal skull, light the offering candles as you recite the intent below: (Due to the size of the offering skulls, white ‘birthday candles are generally used’, if not available, I use two sided tape to hold tea lights in place, see image below):

Offering Vessels: Home & Hearth
This vessel holds the sands of time
From the beaches of our earthbound homeland,
May it provide a familiar comfort in this place and time.

Offering Vessels: Purification
This vessel holds the waters of creation
From the seas of our earthbound homeland,
May it refresh you from your journey to this place and time.

Offering Vessels: Sustenance
This vessel holds nourishment to sustain you
As you reside upon your earthbound homeland,
May it provide fuel for your spirit in this place and time.

Crystal Skull Connection:
Within this sacred vessel A safe harbour I create
A connection to papa, mama myself and the fates.
Through space and time it’s gift to hold
their guidance and love within me to unfold.

After the simple call to mama and papa to attend in service, I recite the appropriate mantra associated with the guidance or problem I seek council on, while continuing to burn incense to send the plea to their plane and show them a path to mine. After completing the mantra, I hold meditation. Once I feel the answers or guidance have been provided by either my ancestors or spirit, I place the skull on top of my chosen divination tools (for me, these are the tarot). I then ask that the guidance be transferred to the deck.

I give thanks for the guidance, love and support you have and continue to share.
In honour of the great creator, and in honour of my ancestors,
I thank you for the honour you bestow on me this night.
My heart has been reminded of your compassion, May I honour you with the use of it
My mind has been reminded of your wisdom, May I seek it all around me,
My spirit has been reminded of its journey, May I walk each day with the Goddess within.
Recite Gayatri Mantra.


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