Ancestral Altar – Setup

The following represents the setup of my current ancestral ‘altar’ for veneration and communion.  Please take what you wish, and leave a little something behind, for those who came before, that we honour now.

Ancestral Altar – Setup
Cleansing & blessing the Skull, crystals and vessels:
Within the light of Grandmother moon I wash these vessels and diamond. May they be cleansed and charge with your energy, which connects us to creation, and our ancestors. For as they looked upon you, I now look upon you, connecting us, through time and space.

Charge the crystal skull:
Grandmother Moon – please charge, protect and open this Skull as a conduit through time and space between my Mama and Papa, that it may serve as a repository for their thoughts, emotions, healing and lessons, offered through time and space. Please add your energy of intuition to this Diamond and Peridot, that I may both understand the messages sent forth from them, and ground them within my plane for manifestation.

Program Intent and Invitation to Mama & Papa:
Freedom of thought action and will, are the greatest gifts you’ve given me,
And as such I will never bind you, for you are spirit, and you are free.
Within this sanctuary I simply offer you a place to reside when it be of your will
And a conduit to share your love and council, which I seek with gratitude still.
As such, I open this vessel to you both.

Great Spirit, please allow my message to pass.

Mama and Papa, you are my heritage, and I am your legacy. Warrior and Healer.
When I need your guidance I ask that you send your message through this crystal,
for it has existed before us and carries within it our thoughts, emotions and messages.
May it resonate your guidance, comfort and love at all times.
A solid reminder that I have a purpose, and you have my back.

Initial Set up for Offering Vessels:

Offering Vessels: Home & Hearth
Within this vessel I place the sands of time
From the beaches of our earthbound homeland,
May it provide a familiar comfort in this place and time.

Offering Vessels: Purification
Within this vessel I place the waters of creation
From the seas of our earthbound homeland,
May it refresh you from your journey to this place and time.

Offering Vessels: Sustenance
Within this vessel I place nourishment to sustain you
As you reside upon your earthbound homeland,
May it provide fuel for your spirit in this place and time.

(photos to come.)

Ancestral Veneration : Communion & Divination.

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