Ancestors, Spirits, and The Land

A balanced reminder that the ancestors of our past hold council in the sacred sites. That the body returns to the earth and becomes one with it again, and therefore the earth herself is our ancestor. This post also reminds us that those living now, are the ancestors yet to come, and deserve the same reverence. Namaste, and thank you for the wisdom found here. Kayla B.

Dreaming the World

AltarI like to sit with the changing seasons. Today, a lovely summer day, cool and bright, the trees are showing just a hint of the reds and other colors to come. Still, the vista is dominated by a wide range of green.

We are grateful for so much: one another, rain, friends, the presence of those who have passed over, the freedom to practice our traditions, and the relative safety of ourselves and our loved ones. We are reminded that for so many, today is another day filled with violence, repression, and dread. Let those of us who are able to do so, do what we can for those in peril. Let us acknowledge all, living and dead, who suffer. Let us remember the needs of the children who are the future.

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