The Seasons begin their dance.

You can feel it in the subtle changes in the air, the energy of fall beacons us already. The temperatures begin their tug of war between humid steamy summer days and the cool touch of falls caress as they dual for dominance in the clash of thunderstorms. The animals know it to…. and those who take to storing for winter’s inevitable grip have begun doing so now. A sign that the change is coming can also be found within our bodies. The Fall and Winter are my favorite two seasons, and my home, body, mind and spirit are well underway for all the activity that is to come. I will be sharing these activities with you throughout the season with series of posts on the following three series of posts on Ayurvedic Detox, Ancestors’ Feast, and Shadow Work/Soul Retrieval.  Please pull up a chair and sit for a spell as I take you on a journey, by the fireside…. Namaste… Kayla Alyssa, the Shakti Shaman.



During this time of year, the cusp of summer and fall, is the ideal time to cleanse your body by undergoing an Ayurvedic detox. Purging the body of the pitta that builds during the summer heat and preparing it for the change of the kapha season that will soon be upon us. A series of posts have begun finding their way to the Healing/Ayurvedic corner of my website in preparation for the various elements of an Ayurvedic detox. Self-Massage, yoga for your dosha, breathing techniques, meditation and diet play starring roles in this program. Some of these posts are already live, more to come. The details shared within the Ayurveda categories are from my workshop, and are shared here for personal use only. All material (c) protected, and provided in perfect trust.

4 day Detox for your Dosha Program: -coming soon!

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The coming seasons also marks the continued thinning of the veil, and a stronger connection to our ancestors and communion with them. While I do have an ancestral altar, and simple rites that attend to it, I also conduct a month long vigil which has been inspired by the Hindu Ancestral Rite of Pitri Paksha, which literally translates to the “fortnight of the ancestors”. Since the rite does call to your ancestors, I have recreated it with elements of my Tibetan and shamanic hereditary influences as well. The ritual dates for the Pitri Paksha begin on the Full moon in September and continues through to the full moon in October. At the end of this rite on October 8th, I will share with you my Ancestral Feast Ritual. While it may differ from your path, if you have yet to create an ancestral rite to call to for Samhain, the Day of the Dead, or other ancestral rites during this auspicious time of year, I hope it may serve as a source of ideas to inspire your own ancestral celebrations this season.

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You might notice on most of my posts, and communications, I end with the salutation: ‘In balance’. I am a strong believer in knowing the light and the dark or shadows that dwell within us, and around us. As a result, I understand that it is not a place to fear, but a place of power and strength, or safety, if you so require it. I have already begun work on a series of posts that tie into both Shadow work and Soul retrieval, inspired by my own journey, with a strong nod of acknowledgement to Carl Jung. This will include one of my own, and most sacred rites, a self-soul retrieval ritual.

I look forward to the seasons that are ahead, and continuing to share my journey with those who happen across my page, and are willing to sit for a spell at the fireside, with this witch. 😉

In balance and service,

Kayla Alyssa, Shakti Shaman

4 thoughts on “The Seasons begin their dance.

    • Thank you very much for the reblog, it lead me to you page and, having a rescue myself, I love seeing all the support you give our feline friends. 🙂 Thank you for making a difference! Namaste 🙂


      • I love black cats. I share the positive views about them. They need love too. I hope one day more people will realize that black cats are just cats who need love. Keep posting. I enjoy looking at black cat pictures. I do Caturday Saturday on Tumblr. Avril 🙂


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