Corn and Grain

Filled with thoughts of the harvests, and how it connects us to the land. Beautiful.

Pilgrim's Way

photoAcross the south east the grain harvest begun in earnest. Seed sown into the rich fertile soil in autumn has slumbered throughout the dark days of winter, been stirred into life and quickened by gentle spring rains and ripened under the heat of the summer sun. Now with the coming of the Harvest Moon, the combine harvesters begin tirelessly mowing the fields up and down, up and down, day and night until the job is done.

At Michaelmas seed tumbles to the ground like falling stars, each carrying our wishes and hopes for the year ahead, and now at Lammas tide, armed with scythe and sickle, we reap those ambitions made manifest, the result of months of blood sweat and tears.

The spirit of the land is entombed within millions and millions of cereal grains either ‘trapped’ in corn dollies showering blessings upon the hearth and barn or baked as…

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