Alternate Ayurvedic Self-Massage


Lie on your back.
Bend your knees and lean hem in on each other, relaxing the abdomen..
Place both hands flat on your abdomen and start by marking large, slow circles over the whole area.
Move to the lower right side of the abdomen.
Use the fingers of both hands to make small, slow circles as you move up the right side to press in just under the ribs.
Move across the abdomen, massaging below the ribs and just under he ribcage.
Finally, work down the left side of the abdomen.
Massage around this clockwise circuit a few more times, then lie still and relax.

Vata (all Doshas can benefit from different oils and massage touch application) Eases colic and wind and counters constipation Tones the abdominal organs.


Massage the top of one shoulder with opposite hand (for self massage).
Starting at the side o the neck, just near the earlobe, work down to the tips of the shoulders, squeezing your fingers.
Work down the sides of the upper arms to the elbows.
Use a slow kneading action.
Repeat on the front of the arms.
The person receiving the massage should lean forward resting the elbows on a table or the lap, forehead in the palms of the hands (rest your forehead in just one hand for self-massage) Don’t apply direct pressure on the spine, but work into the muscles on either side of the vertebrae.
Move down from he base of the skull.
With both hands, rub the fingertips around the base of skull.
Move upward into the hair until you arrive at the tip of the forehead.
You can experiment here, try fast frictions over the hair or, with fingers slightly apart, make circles so slow that you feel the skin of the scalp moving over the bones underneath.
With loose wrists and a light touch, let your fingertips ruffle the hair. Then stroke down to the shoulders and tips of the hair. It feels great if you use your fingernails. Starting at the hairline, make frictions downward over the whole face until you reach the side of the throat. Then cover the face again, making stronger circles. Pay particular attention to the jaw muscles, the temples and the sinuses at either side of the top of the nose. Finish by pitter-pattering your fingertips like raindrops over the face and closed eyelids.

Pitta and Vatta – help ground and centre the active minds of Pitta and Vata.
Bringing the Dosha back into the body.


Sit on the floor.
Place sole of one foot face up on the thigh of the other leg
Make loose fists with your hands and with floppy wrists, pound the sole of the foot.
When you feel a nice tingling sensation, switch legs.
Bend your legs up in front of you. Using a medium pressure pound up the muscles on the inner calf, and ten those on the inner thigh.
Repeat three times.
Pound briskly up the outer calf and outer thigh
Repeat three times. Switch legs.
Rest the base of one hand on your leg and pound the palm with the other hand then move up the inner arm from wrist to armpit
Pound three times up the outer arm from wrist to shoulder. Repeat other arm.
Rest the back of one hand on your leg and pound the palm with the other hand. Then repeat with other hand.
Briskly pound the muscles on the tops of both shoulders using a comfortable pressure.
Pitter patter your fingers over your face and scalp.
Tarzan like pummel your chest with loose fists.
Kneel up lean forward and pummel your buttocks and thighs sit back down
Sit comfortably with eyes closed and observe how alive your body feels

Kapha – stimulates the meridians of the body.

Please review any massage programs with your family doctor before proceeding.

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