Wolf’s Creed (I)

My totem lives within me, and this beautiful poem by ‘theleafyhollow’ on wordpress captures the freedom of her [the wolf spirit], as well as her bond to the earth and all her elements. Simple and true. Namaste.

The Leafy Hollow

I belong to no mortal.
I am one with the ocean, I beckon to the stars.
I race with the winds and make love to the rains.
The Earth is my master and mistress, the forest my domain.
I am the consort of the Horned One.
The moon is my guide and darkness my old friend.
My song is the rustling of the silvery poplars,
the hooting of owls,
and the howling of wolves.
To these I belong and am willfully bound.
If the breezes beckon,
I will fly….

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