WARNING!: Only ‘Magick Folk’ Beyond This Point!

Brilliantly put, it goes back to basics, magic starts with you. As I noted in my ‘healing’ section, what you put in, is what you get out. I would add a fit and strong body temple to the list above. In service, Kayla Alyssa, the Shakti Shaman. (Thank you Wizard!)

 Witches Halloween

One of the biggest challenges for anyone practicing the magical arts has little or nothing to do with reciting incantations, assembling appropriate correspondences or even finding the right astrological timing for the work. Sure, these things are important and should not be neglected but they are easily resolved by doing your research. Presumably, the bottom line for a magickian of whatever description is to effect changes in the world using magickal means. Ironically, the key to doing THAT is to make changes in your own self-image and self-concept. This internal ‘shift’ in perception and belief must occur before you will be able to work effective magick. I define “effective magick” as that which will bring about practical, measurable real-world results! In my book if you are not getting results from your work, you are merely going through the motions.

 The true magick worker will see themselves as something…

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