Sweetness of Spells

A true animist spirit, this is reblogged with permission and gratitude for her words that pull us in to the truth of spirit and ritual. Namaste.

Witches Heal the World!


All life is breathing & living energy. These energy lines are present everywhere & can be harnessed & accessed for magickal work of all kinds. Light a fire and build on its wealth by fuelling the fire. It is in this way we use magickal energy work. All things are alive & accessed, but you are still able to build on them, draw their wealth through to greater heights & force.

You must draw on this force kindly and work well with it. It does not take kindly to inconsiderate acts of unholy purity. All thought must be pure in this work; it is the lifeblood of the land, the stones at our feet, the air in our lungs, the wealth within our soils. To dirty or muddy the pool is to hinder the natural order of all life forms. You affect everything, as everything affects you. The law of…

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