Crystal Healing : Intimacy Grid


The crystals response to: A call to intimacy.


Inspired in Service, this is a grid I created for an online friend to assist with healing her body and to reconnect with intimacy on all levels.  My healing offerings include a 40 day mantra vigil where the crystals are ‘feed’ with intent and energy.  This grid in particular has an amazing gentle and protective energy just asking that it be offered to help others.  To that end, I’m posting the information on the grid only.  As mentioned, this grid is both to heal, but to open yourself up to intimacy.  It is a simple grid, as all mine are.  I do them intuitively, as it should be.  I hope it can work for one or two how venture into my world.  In Service, Kayla, the Shakti Shaman. 

Snow Quartz
 In my grids for healing, I picked one central stone to represent the individual.  In this instance Snow Quartz was selected.. . Snow quartz provides a gentle calm in which you can link to deep inner wisdom. It is also said to provide support while you are learning lessons and to help you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations. It was selected to help the individual see within. To find the root of the dis-ease and to illuminate a better path.

Pink Tourmaline:
Intimacy takes it root in our emotions, pink tourmaline was selected for its ability to repair holes in the auric field created by negative attachment, or abuse in any form. Even the self deprecating abuse we can sometimes place on ourselves, which is the most harmful. It is a call to intimacy, from within and from without. It is a call to your heart.

Tourmalined Quartz:
Combining the powers of quartz to purify and black tourmaline to ground and protect, I love this stone, and the balance it can give you. It helps wash the aura and clear negative patterns that have created stagnation in your energy fields resulting in dis-ease.  While the black tourmaline helps remove negativity which cause the dis-ease, and protect you from further assault, the quartz brings in light and healing.

Obsidian Arrowheads:
If intimacy is your goal, you need to feel secure while you heal and seek direction toward this path. I selected 4 arrowheads to guard the individual from all directions which surround them on the earth plane. Arrows pointed out, it will help them release and change underlying patterns which aided in the creation of the negative state of their body, mind and spirit. It also grounds individuals to the ‘earth’s heart’. The best place to start for unconditional love and intimacy 😉

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