Journeying Crystal Grid : Meteor Showers & Storms

AUG 10-13 Perseids Meteor Shower

The sword of Perseus is the radiant source of these bright iron bearing meteors. People of Spain and the Canary Islands honor San Lorenzo with all night bonfires. Persians call these celestial fires Pairikas, they celebrate their Festival of the Pairikas Aug 10. Pairikas are “female angels” seen flying between Heaven and Earth. Make a wish when you see one to give your wish fiery wings. S.Nelson :

Before commencing with the crystal grid information, please read my intent post located at:

~ Namaste, KaylaB


(There are several other applications for all these stones, these are simply the flow of energy for my intent for the journey I will be taking during the Meteor Shower.)


Purification and protection of self and surroundings including the etheric levels. By clearing my auric fields, it assists my consciousness to elevate to another level in preparation for this journey.

Purified and protected by the Tourmaline, I will now call to Obsidian to uncover and remove unconscious thought patterns that inhibit my spiritual/personal growth, and ability to be open and unconditionally accepting of the knowledge to be gained during this grid work.


The first three stones that follow are storm energy stones. All are born from events which are extremely powerful and resulted in rapid metamorphosis, connecting cosmic events to the earth. These stones will help initiate the flow of energy from my Earthstar chakra through to my Soul Star chakra, while activating and clearing debris from all chakras between while helping them regain their proper frequencies. (As an aside, this process can result in activation of Kundalini flow in the non-initiated. If you have not experienced activation or rising as yet, please, be careful.) The storm stones and additional specific attributes utilized for this grid are:

MOLDAVITE: (storm)
It facilitates travel to other dimensions/planes, and aids communication with the beings found there. It allows you to understand the messages/lessons learned within these dimensions and return that knowledge back to the earth plane for application. For this reason it is the central stone, and placed upon the 3rd eye of a quartz crystal skull to hold the messages received for further processing and self-development.

FULGURITE: (storm)
A powerful manifestation stone it will assist in holding the buildup of powerful resonances from the journey which will assist in awakening latent powers which need to come to light to continue progress on my soul contract. In addition, it will assist in releasing habits, fears etc.. that are preventing the development of latent powers and then providing the energy to manifest them.

TEKTITE: (storm)
It helps bring the knowledge back for implementation in your life in honour of your soul contract.

 PERIDOT: (Earth)
Although not a journey stone, peridot has been added to the inner/upper grid to work in conjunction with the storm elementals. This stone was selected to help ground the knowledge obtained from the journey (storm) stones above. Its purpose is to assist me in understand how to implement, or manifest, the knowledge received from the storm stones into this earth-walk to meet the obligations of my soul contract.

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