Journey Grid Intro : Meteors and Storms

AUG 10-13 Perseids Meteor Shower


Meteor showers are a beautiful yet humbling reminder of our existence within something so much grander than we can ever imagine. For those who know that their soul exist beyond the earth, and beyond time, a connection to universal frequencies allow them to ‘journey’ back to Source to:

• Gain insight on their soul contract,
• Determine the progress made towards completion
• Determine any additional inner-tools/skill sets you need to access and nurture.

During the days leading up to the Meteor Shower, we were fortunate enough in Toronto to have a series of thunder showers. These high frequency days were perfect for me to set and charge the grid I plan to work with during the first night of the Shower, as they are comprised primarily of storm and earth stones/crystals.

The ‘ritual’ is simple. Set a safe space in any way you would for journeying, a little stronger on the protection and grounding than you would for ritual or meditation work, you’re going to be taking quite a trip! Please make sure you have food and liquids available to assist with the grounding back to the mundane plane. Coconut water is perfect as it stabilizes your electrolytes. Select a mantra, prayer or written ritual to prepare your mind for journeying. For personal reasons, and based on my first intense crystal trance/journey I will be using the Om Mani Padmi Mantra and a Larvakite mala which I keep specifically for journey work.

I have provided the list of stones I am using for my personal grid, as well as the written intent and flow of their energy based on the purpose of my journey. If any of these move you, great! As always, I encourage you to go with your own instincts in the crystals you select and their placement.

How I select my stones: Initially, it starts with an intent that my higher self guides me to. With that intentional energy flowing, I find that my eyes will be drawn to a stone, or set that want to be engaged. I will then pull out my chest of gridding stones and with eyes closed and palm chakras activated, I move my palms slowly over my ‘kin’ till their energy/frequencies vibrate within me. There are many methods; this is simply one of mine :). Your instincts are your best guides in all things spiritual 

Thanks for reading my post, here’s the link to the grid! Safe travels!
In service, KaylaB (Shakti Shaman)

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