Merry Part : Destiny on Hold

This ritual I never thought I would go public with, but I believe it is time. It was written over twenty years ago, so it, and I, were very young in the doing.  This ritual and post are without a doubt very near and very dear to my heart and soul. It deals with friendships that you know transcend time and space. Friendships that form in soul groups that move with you through lifetimes…. yet, sometimes one soul finds him or herself going against that natural connection. It can cause stress for all concerned. You essentially are fighting your own desire to be with a person, in friendship, or more, because society or life’s earth journey takes you on a different course. It can leave two people very torn, and affect other parties involved. In this post, I start by sharing the email I sent him, and then just the words to the rite itself. The actual script and instructions I leave to you to interpret for your own needs. But please, if you can, get permission before performing a ritual that involves the will of another. I share this post now, in TRUE trust, that it may be, in service. Namaste, Kayla B, Shakti S.


“There is a pleasure in the pathless wood,
There is a rapture in the lonely shore,
There is society where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and Music in its roar.
I love not Man the less, but Nature more.”
Lord Byron, ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’

Dearest *****:
Your email was beautiful, and I thank you for it. One line in particular gave me pause…for I found your words hit to an instinctive nature in us all. “I find now that it is best to accept something as “true” from day one. That allows you to fully get into it, examine it closely, and then decide if it really is true for you. I will also take that stance on your proposed spell.” With this proposed spell, I go against that instinctive nature. For I have always felt that you being in my life was right. That this bond was right. I war with what I feel is part of the Goddess’s destiny for me and, to be honest, my love for you. Once you could say it back, I understand now you won’t.  This spell, is for you ****. Upon your approval, I will complete it on the first phase of the Dark/New Moon. That is the time for endings and new beginnings. –

Approval was granted. We both stood outside our respective homes on the night of the new moon that followed, and at the same time, released the spell into the air. And with it, released each other from our soul bond, in this lifetime.


To separate Destiny’s in a lifetime
As his friendship turns to twilight
In this lifetime I do ask
Mother Goddess grant me this
Severe now the binds that last.

From the Earth your gift to me
Rosemary now to set us free
To break the binds that hold us fast
To each other – this I ask.

Air to fire fuel this task
As Dragon’s blood does seal our paths
As separate from each, till we pass
Through this lifetime I do ask.

Mother’s milk to wash away
Residual emotions that try to stay
To cleanse the past and start a new
Goddess this I ask of you.

Tis Her will, then so shall be
in this lifetime I set you free
But ask, my friend, and know tis true
My one gift I can give to you:

To the end of this life time
I shall be a friend to thee
If you will it, my dear *****
then by the Goddess, so shall it be.

And In the next breath of life
Let the Goddess will be right

To Her, our Destiny’s return
as the wheels of life does turn.

In all things, I give thanks to the great Mother
As above so below, to be rooted is to grow.
The circle ends as the spell begins.
Blessed Be.

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