Full Moon : Beauty Within Ritual

Before proceeding with the ritual, please read the intro and intention page found at:
Full Moon Beauty Within Introduction



I call to spirit
lay spirit line with white sea salt
To join with me
lay earth line with pink sea salt
Under Luna’s light
circle with either salts, coconut milk powder or moonstones to represent moon.

Place vessel in centre of sigil, and lay the crystal grid as suggested below, or as instinct guides you:


Place moon stone on spirit line:
To see the beauty of spirit
Place obsidian reflecting out from spirit line.
And reflect it within.
Place rose quartz on spirit line:
To dissolve the patterns of dis-ease resulting from the negative effects of society’s views.

Place Rhodonite on earth path:
To hold and reclaim the beauty of my body, soul and mind.

Place Rhodochrosite on earth path:
To accept and offer myself in truth and honour of body and mind to society.
Place Hematite and arrows on earth path:
To know the truth of beauty and reflect this knowledge out to society, that others may see true beauty and understood, accept and share the many ways it can manifests.


Meditate on this truth as you prepare the bath mix in the central vessel:
To release – my self doubt (salt)
To soften – my disposition (honey)
To strengthen – my commitment to service (milk)
To connect – with the divine in all I do. (jasmine)

As you stir(*) the ingredients add power and intent as you speak your words:
What now in shadow lies hidden,
Let Luna’s light now set free,
As I embrace in full acceptance
The temple that was gifted to me.

(*)I circle three times, stir in the Ayurvedic healing pentagram 3xs and stir counter clockwise to seal the intent. After stirring if able, add Reiki Energy based on your path/teaching.

Step in filled bath tub with mixture and as you apply it to your body speak your intent:

I honour the face I present to the world:
My eyes that allow me to see the beauty around me captured in acts of kindness.
My lips that allow me to share my knowledge.
My ears that allow me to hear the call to service that I might answer.

I honour this body:
My arms that allow me to give comfort and support.
My hands that allow me to manifest my will.
My legs and feet that allow me to walk my path.

I honour my mind and spirit, that help me understand this truth, and share it with the world.

Hold this truth as you sit in the magick of the crystal charged bath.  Feel it seep into you and glow from within you. Walk tall, and proud in the the vessel afforded you.  Think about the ways you can make it stronger in service, healthier in living and accepting of form.  Namaste.


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