Full Moon : Beauty Within : Intro

 AUG 8-12 Full Moon
Celebrate The Truth in Beauty!

Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul.   She is a pitcher that pours out a healing elixir, we just raise our cups to receive. S.Nelson : gaiaastrology.com

For some people the peak of summer is a time of self-judgment, doubt and questions about their beauty and attractiveness. It is the time of the year when the heat stirs passions as it strips away layers of clothing, revealing the temple for our spirit on this earth-walk. I encourage both men and women to use the light of the full moon and the corresponding meteor shower to pull from within the beauty they have buried. Take ritual back to basics through the healing properties of teas and baths. Call on the knowledge of Egypt and India for healing body mind and soul as you bring her beauty inside.



It is not a new concept, but one that is not always taken to heart. Yet, it can have devastating effects on human beings. I will be the first to admit, it is too easy to overlook the care of the temple we use to manifest ourselves in this world thorough our ritual, energy work and healing practices, be it for ourselves or others.

 We live in a world that unfortunately is beauty-centric, and sadly not the beauty that matters, the one within. I have seen strong, beautiful women crumble when comparing themselves to what they believe is society’s acceptable ‘norms’ for what they should look like. This affects not just your confidence, but your energy levels and purity. You, and no one else, hold the power to bring yourself down. Because you, and no one else, have a right to decide on the value you offer the world, inside and out. In addition, and even more importantly, it is affecting the health issues of our youth, from eating disorders, teenage body augmentation, and even suicide.

 I stated under the introduction to ‘healing’ page that this wasn’t going to be your average pagan website. It will bring focus back to the individual and rituals for healing and developing you. So, during this Full Moon, I ask that you look at Grandmother Moon. Without fail, you will feel a lightness within, a wonder, a sense of awe and beauty. Mystery and magic. This is exactly how you should feel when you look upon a reflection of yourself, for you are not just a reflection of the divine, you hold the divine within.

 The ritual is simple, some might find it silly, and that’s okay, it just means you hold the confidence you need. But for some, this ritual embraces them in a way they need to be embraced. As with all my rituals, I will be breaking down the posts into information about the items used during the ritual before posting the ritual itself. In addition to this introduction post, 3 additional post will be included as they relate to this rite include: Honey and Milk; Crystals used, and the Ritual/Puja itself. Each link will reference the puja/ritual they are a part of. The properties of crystals, herbs, resins and oils are vast. I will only list the attributes being called forward for the ritual it is linked to.  In all things I remind you that I am simply a solitary sharing my own rites and those I created to honour by request.  Please always refer to your medical practitioners before proceeding with any rituals on my page. ~ KaylaB (Shakti-Shaman)

Post 1 : Honey and Milk Bath Properties:


Post 2 : Crystal Grid Formation and Properties:


Post 3 : The Full Moon Ritual, to reclaim the Truth of Beauty


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