Full Moon : Beauty Within Crystal Properties



Obsidian Arrows:
• Eliminates negativity both within yourself and your environment.
• To release the anger, fear and resentment at not feeling accepted by yourself and others.
• It will keep you centered when refaced with this negativity.
• It will also reveal unhealthy processes you have put in place to deal with this negativity, such as eating disorders, attitude towards others (jealousy, hate etc.) that need to be faced, and released.

• Gem of the High Priestess and Feminine mysteries.
• A stone of protection and journeying.
• It helps reflect light into the depths of ourselves.
• It helps us bring back the parts of ourselves we abandoned in the shadows and integrate them back within.
• Reclaim the all of you, do not hide your beauty, let it shine.

• Reduces negative thought process and helps to boost self esteem and confidence.
• An excellent protective and reflective stone, it’s part in this ritual will be two fold.
• Hematite will assist in reflecting back societies views and images with the intent of awakening them to the truth of what beauty is, and where it is found.
• Hematite will also assist in reflecting back to you, the beauty you keep hidden within your own shadow. Encouraging you to step out into the light of the moon.

Rose Quartz:
• First Intent: Dissolve Negative Effects within.
• Rose Quartz will help you dissolve the anger and resentment you hold within which have resulted from your response to society’s views on beauty.

• Second Intent: Self Love
• Fill the space created by the Rose Quartz with Internal Love.
• Rhodocrhrosite first brings the energy of love directed at self specifically for the purpose of emotional healing.
• It helps you relive, recover and release the memories associated with your past which took away your feelings of self-worth.
• It brings courage to your heart.

• Third Intent: Reflect your Truth
• Rhodonite will help project the true image of beauty and love you feel for your spiritual being and self into the world, in so doing, helping to reshape the views of beauty within your circle. With hope and intent this can continue to spread and should.

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