Full Moon : Beauty Within Bath Properties



The healing ingredients used in the ritual bath for the Full Moon Beauty Within Rite:
First charged on my Reiki Healing Altar, with intent.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt:
• Metaphysical: Protection and cleansing.
• Himalayan salts are pinkish or reddish in color, due to pink-colored algae that live in the waters from which they are harvested.
Cleanse and detoxify the skin, leaving it smoother and softer.
• Effective treatment for common skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis, and acne.
• Treats ailments such as arthritis by calming cramps and relieve the pressure and bloating associated with excess water retention.
• Reduce stress and promote a better night’s sleep.

Benefits of Honey:
• Rich in anti oxidants which protect the skin from sun damage, perfect for summer bath rituals.
• Helps remove dirt and is antibacterial in nature.
• Helps regulare skin moisture.

Benefits of Milk:
• Fat and proteins help provide deep nourishment and moisture.
• Lactic acid in milk helps to provide a deep gentle cleansing
• Beta Hydroxy acid is an excellent exfoliant by eliminating dead skin cells.
• Contains Vitamns A and D which help soften the skin.

Coconut Milk:
• Contains high quantities of lactic acid, which is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.
• Contains several antioxidant compounds, which can provide protection against the harmful free radicals and their damaging effects on the body cells and tissues.
• It aids in relaxation of the nerves and muscles and reduces joint inflammation.
• Hair benefits: Moisturizes and promote growth.
• Skin: Gentle exfoliant, and helps remove dirt and excess sebum within pores while hydrating and moisturizing.
Internal Uses:
• Vegan alternative, it is also lactose free, and both soy and gluten free.
• Coconut milk can improve the health of the digestive system and promote digestion.
• It can relieve the symptoms of stomach ulcers and acid reflux disease as well.
• Coconut milk can give about 22% of the recommended daily allowance of iron. With such a high level of iron, it can help to treat anemia caused by iron deficiency.

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