Aspects of Ritual : My Sigils


Spirit Wheel:

Most of my rituals utilizes what I refer to as my spirit wheel.

The horizontal line represents the earth plane. Depending on the work being done, it can further be signified as the journey traveled (to the left), and the path yet to come (to the right).

The vertical line is my call to Spirit, the Ancient one who created us all.  Depending on the work being done, it can further be signified with a particular Totem spirit, Goddess, or energy, such as lunar or solar. (above the horizon line) and the ancestors (below the horizon line).

The circle represents all the elements of creation that form us and keep us. There is no directional association with respect to the elements, each circle me completely in rite.

The outer circle is the plane of existence which contains the work being done.  Generally, the earth plane, often the Akashic plane or the spirit planes of the ancestors, totems, etc.

This is the symbol which is in the centre of my triple moon-phase image found on all my photos and videos and correspondence. It will be the sigil I use for most of my rites, however, I encourage you to adapt the crystal grid and script to suit which ever sigils you work with.

The Ayurvedic Pentagram of Elementals:

It is most modernly associated with pagan paths such as Wicca and witchcraft, however, it existed over five thousand years ago on the subcontinent of India in  association with the balancing of all 5 elements of the 3 doshas. (Vata: Ether or spirit/Air) – (Pitta: Fire/Water) – (Kapha: Water/Earth).  Each element representing aspects of the human body (more information on this can be found under Healing, posts on Ayurveda).  Much time passed and the knowledge moved from India to both China and Greece.  In Greece, the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, popularized the theory of the five points of the pentagram each represent one of the five elements. The Pythagoreans held the pentacle sacred to Hygeia, the Goddess of healing, whose name (HGIEiA) was an anagram in Greek for the elements water, earth, spirit, fire, and air.

Six Sided Star:

The other most commonly used sigil you will find on my website is the 6 pointed star for balancing rituals of lunar/solar (seasonal and astronomical events) or ‘male’/’female’ energies. While normally associated with Judaism, the 6 pointed star can be found throughout the Hindu and Buddhist paths. It represents the Yoni (Shakti – downward triangle) and the Lingam (Shiva – upward triangle) merged in balance and harmony, with a little of each held within the other, very similar to the Yin Yang symbol!  Due to the union of Shiva and Shakti, it is also a visual component of my Kundalini work.


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