Lunar Astrology : August

AUG 3-6 First Quarter Moon
Time to Choose

“This Moon is a scythe cutting across the sky, it’s time to cut free from the trappings of the past and affirm our purpose moving forward. Sacred to the Druids, the 1st Quarter is pivotal in the cycle of creation. This is a time to decide; choices now are likely right ones. Breathing deeply through the light of the crown frees energy flow up and down the spine to transform old world shadows and power our dreams.” S.Nelson :

The energy held within the world of shadows and dreams is ideal for the Akashic Puja.

AUG 6-8 Cross-Quarter

Dreams and natural portents now predict what will be. At this mid-Leo power gate of fire, solar prana streams down to mountains all over the world bringing illumination to those who are there. This is a magic seed time, whatever is focused and intended at this Summer cross-quarter comes to flower in the autumn season. S.Nelson :

Honour the fire powers with a fire divination!

AUG 8-12 Full Moon

Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul.  The Sun in Leo / Aquarius Full Moon brings illumination like no other, this becomes the Full Moon of Sirius the star of Planetary Initiation. The Full Moon is a pitcher that pours out a healing elixir we just raise our cups to receive. S.Nelson :

For some, the peak of summer is a time of self-judgment, doubt and questions about their beauty and attractiveness. It is the time of the year when the heat stirs passions as it strips away layers of clothing, revealing the temple for our spirit on this earth-walk. I encourage both men and women to use the light of the full moon and the corresponding meteor shower to pull from within the beauty they have buried. Take ritual back to basics through the healing properties of teas and baths. Call on the knowledge of the Ancients for healing body mind and soul as you bring the cool, refined grace of lunar beauty inside. Rituals to follow 😉  – KaylaB

AUG 10-13 Perseids Meteor Shower
Power Wishes, Power Dreams

The sword of Perseus is the radiant source of these bright iron bearing meteors. People of Spain and the Canary Islands honor San Lorenzo with all night bonfires. Persians call these celestial fires Pairikas, they celebrate their Festival of the Pairikas Aug 10. Pairikas are “female angels” seen flying between Heaven and Earth. Make a wish when you see one to give your wish fiery wings. S.Nelson :

These beautiful gifts from the cosmos bring with them a sense of magick and yet are a humbling reminder of our existence within something so much grander than we can ever imagine. A special puja focusing on high iron stones, tektites and utilizing journey stones will bring you within the energy of the meteor shower so that you may seed intent of wishes upon the stars. KaylaB

AUG 17-20 Third Quarter Moon
Realizing Dreams

This Moon cuts away all that distracts from putting dreams into action. The 3rd Quarter Moon integrates new ideas into creative expression; it’s time to follow our bliss and do what feels good in concert with the whole. S.Nelson :

AUG 22-23 Point of the Sphinx
Balance of Forces, Renaissance

The Egyptian Sphinx half lion / half woman represents the Leo/Virgo cusp that is opposite the Pisces/Aquarius cusp of the Ages. Aug 22 also begins the 5-day Egyptian New Year when the bright star Sirius rising before the Sun signals a new Renaissance. During this time the riddle of the sphinx is solved – and the magic of the sphinx, the balance between Spirit and Nature, yin and yang, woman and man, will be realized. S.Nelson :

AUG 26 Women’s Equality Day
Balance Yin and Yang and Be New

This culminating 5th day of the old Egyptian New Year is celebrated by honoring women and the yin as equal to the yang and men. As this balance is achieved we discover the solution to the riddle of the Sphinx and Heaven and Earth are joined as one. As the Bennu Phoenix rises we are given opportunity to be new, balance and be reborn, raise our spirits and transform. S.Nelson :

AUG 20-23 Balsamic Moon / Witches Moon
Make a Wish!

This is the Wishing Moon, a time to put wishes on the air. Also called the Witches Moon, it’s time to bring to mind those who need healing. Feeling invokes healing, the deeper we feel, the deeper we heal and the more Moon magic comes through the new lunar cycle. The Moon moves tides of emotion as it moves tides of the ocean. The outgoing tide takes away what is no longer needed, the incoming tide brings forth what is being seeded new. See the lunar crescent rising before the Sun with bright Venus, the goddess of love. Venus brings blessings of new life, new inspiration and new love. Make a wish! S.Nelson :

With the combination of the healing moon energy and it’s power over the tides, bring focus to the heart.  I recommend using the Healing Chalice Puja over these four nights.


AUG 24-26 Dark of the Moon / Cancer New Moon
Follow the Light Within

The day before New Moon until Sunset the day after is ideal for energy work and meditation to clear way for the new cycle. Old Moon shadows give way as we connect to the light within and breathe. S.Nelson :

Last month I introduced an Akashic Journey Puja with the specific intent of gaining knowledge outside of ourselves. During this time of mystery, this month, I wish to take you on another journey. This one is more organic, and more internal. Using a dark crystal new moon altar I encourage you to journey to your shadow self. – Ritual to follow, stay posted!

AUG 26-31 Crescent New Moon
A Time to Sow

It’s time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. Farmers plant seeds when the new lunar crescent appears, seeds become fertile on every level; new beginnings are favored now. Whatever is dreamed and initiated in this new Summer of Love brings blessings for the years to come. Moon magic is strongest from Sunset to Moonset when the Moon is in the 7th House. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing, prayers bring blessings for this lunar cycle and the new creation to be. S.Nelson :

2 thoughts on “Lunar Astrology : August

  1. Hi Kayla,

    I wanted to say thank you for sharing your gifts. I am on a journey of my own. And writing this to you has filled my eyes with tears (?)

    I am in my second year of recovery from drugs and alcohol. I know through journey work I am 4th generation alcoholic. I believe my father had a gift but was unable to interpret that energy so it transformed into dis-ease. He self medicated with drugs and alcohol and died suddenly two years ago in a car accident. I always knew I had a drinking problem but didn’t care to find a solution.

    After dad died my drinking took on an energy of it’s own. I was drinking everyday, unable to stop, in fact I felt almost possessed.

    This went on for 6 months before I realised that I had crossed a line on no return and needed help. I went to rehab for 21 days and now attend 3-4 AA meeting a week.

    Part of the step work is to come to believe that no human power can relieve us of our alcoholism. Basically, AA is a spiritual program for living.

    I have always been drawn to Wiccan and pagan beliefs and rituals, dipped in and out of exploration. I find peace and comfort in these realms and always have. I have always been drawn to living an alternative life. I thought that was being be a bit of a rebel but I think that was me listening to my spirit. I believe my higher power has been trying to talk to me for a long time but I wasn’t ready to listen.

    The rituals you have shared will help me to open up and find a greater connection with my higher power. I don’t know what/who that is, I just know there is a power greater than me and I am being guided through my sobriety.

    Somedays I am so angry at GOD if you like. Walking this path is not easy and I sometimes feel alone and overwhelmed. Somedays I am full of fear and the only thing I can do is dropped to me knees and cry for help.

    I am just beginning my journey and being a solitary practitioner it is easy to get lost. Your rituals, so generously shared, will help me clear energy with intention, open communication with my higher power and create a routine

    Thank you with all my heart. Love to you Rachel (Morgan le Faye :))

    > >


    • Sister moon, i remember your energy from your posts on the facebook group we meet on, it was a positive, gentle and light energy. Your letter brought me to tears, and humbled me. It took a decade for me to finally start sharing my actual rituals. They are such a personal part of my life , but so is my path as a Shakti-Shaman (Warrior-Healer). But, I made promises, both within my soul contract, and to my ancestors to share the knowledge. Your post, even if it is the only one I ever receive, is all I need to know I made the right decision in creating this website. Your journey is an inspiring one. You found your own warrior-healer within to take ownership of the dis-ease in your life and seek help. That is anamazing type of strength. I know that it can sometimes be very easy to get angry with Spirit, blame Spirit for the downfalls in our lives, but we all make the decisions within it, and have to be honest with our part in the consequences that result. You are doing that. Continue on your spiritual path, and keep the balance with modern council and medicines. Although we are solitary, we do not stand alone  A deeply given, and heart felt, Namaste to you Rachel. Always, in Service, Kayla.


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