Healing Chalice : Puja

There are other days, that drain your resources, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. When you find your inner tides are low, call to the elements to reconnect you to the Creator. Feel the energy within this peaceful ritual. Find … Peace… Strength… The hand of the Goddess. Let her embrace you this night, for you will always be her child. Water based healing modalities such as aromatherapy, or internal healing using Bach Flower Essences provide the basis for these pujas. Herbs and Crystals add elements of earth and the ritual can be as simple as a tea ceremony. Before conducting the Water/Earth Puja, you should conduct the Fire/Air puja as the negative energies should be ‘burned’ away before healing can begin. By not doing so, you are simply adding water to a muddy base, rather than a cleansed vessel.  The Healing Chalice Puja should follow your regular nightly puja/ritual, whether you cast a circle, raise powers, call to spirit, the ancestors or the elements! Begin all my pujas with your own calls to healing and rite.

Phoenix Rising Puja : (Fire& Air)
There will be days, when against your best efforts, tempers are hot. Since it is generally not the way of my ancestors to instigate harm (thought, word or deed), the Fire Puja provides a safe way to burn off any anger, frustration, fear, that you have contained through the day. Release – Heal. The words are just a reminder of the action that must be found within. Heat is the basic element and can be added through fire, flame or burning or smudging of resins. It’s purpose: transformation of energy from negative to positive.

Malas : Use & Substitutions
For those who have read the original posts on Mantras and Malas, here is a quick refresher: hold mala in right hand using middle finger and thumb for movement of the beads. Never allow the index finger (ego) to touch the beads. Never cross over the Meru (sometimes referred to as Guru) bead for this is where the intent will build with each recitation. It is the ‘home’ of the energy/power you are creating based on the intent of the selected Mantra.

Please do not be discouraged from reciting Mantras if you do not have a Mala. Placing the energy with intent into a Fetish Bag, Charm, or Stone while reciting the Mantras can work. The point if your intent and the offering of the 108 recitations.


WATER: The Chalice
Both the chalice and the water within the vessel symbolizes the giving life force of the earth, Mother’s Womb. It offers a safe and sacred space to heal while providing nourishment and strength for recovery.

EARTH: The Bach Flower & Crystal Remedies
Born of the earth these elements of healing provide a grounding force which is often needed when emotional tides are running strong. Feel the essence of the flower remedy take ‘root’ within you, and it’s properties to heal, bloom within you. The crystal remedies are born of all the elements and therefore offer a special healing. While they can ground you, they can also provide insight to the creation of the issues that are worrying you, while providing healing and strength to get past it. A sample of ‘prayer of intents for remedies options for this puja follow below.

AIR & SPIRIT: Mantras and Malas
Mantra’s are prayers of intent utilizing the seed sounds of creation. Reciting the mantra is an offering of your energy to the divine. The mala stores the energy raised. Mala’s made of precious stones can be selected which can further empower your intent. The type of mantra and mala used can add intent to the puja. Please see ‘Divine Connections’ for more information on Mantras and Malas and a selection of videos with the required 108 recitations required for the practice. The vocalization of the mantras represents the element of air through sound, the intent and energy, spirit.


(~Circle Goddess Light around water and remedies~)
Elemental kin, within you the power our Mother is strong,
I thank you for your gifts, held within this chalice
Called forth to cleanse me, my life and temple of negativity
From within and without, sources known and unknown
From this and any time and space.

Add your remedies. A sample of ‘prayers of intent’ for a few remedies follow this ritual.   Please make them your own.

(~circle lip of cup and mark sigil of choice over the chalice  for blessing, consecration, protection~)

Sacred blessings I receive
With open heart and perfect trust
Within this Sacred Womb of Life
healing waters come to light


I give my thanks for blessed seas
That hold the gifts to calm and heal
To flow throughout me that I may find
I am cleansed: body, soul & mind.

(recite mantras and end with….)
This moment in time, so still so calm
Remain with me from dusk till dawn.
(Or blessed be :D)


After all selected remedies are placed in vessel (use 3 drops each), hold vessel in lotus mudra for final blessing/gratitude. Partake in three parts, infusing with your breath of life by breathing the words appropriate to your path over the surface of the water before each ‘take’: ‘so mote it be’, ‘namaste’ etc.


 Heart & Home Remedies:
(add 3 drops of each remedy as required for your purpose)
Follow with gratitude and additional mantra if desired.

Crab Apple please wash away,
Negative views of my body this day.
I call forth your gifts to free
The beauty within for all to see.

Sweet Chestnut please wash away,
The hurt, fear and tears that try to stay.
I call forth your gifts to free,
The light of hope in life for me.

Walnut’s strength please calm and stay
These turbulent seas surrounding me.
I call forth your gift to be,
Centered and grounded, so mote it be.

Willow please wash away,
Residual resentment that try to stay.
Calling forth your gift to see,
The value in the life meant for me.

Water Violet please wash away,
The solitude I feel on this day.
Calling forth your gifts to be,
Content within my Sanctuary.

Work – Stress

Black Tourmaline please wash away
All negativity that comes my way
I call to your protective might
To keep me safe both day and night

Moonstone please wash away
Turbulent emotions I may face
I call to your intuition to see
The practical path to empathy.

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