Pink Stilbite & Apophyllite (Green/Clear)


Pink Stilbite:
Opens Intuiton and helps you manifest it into action in the physical plane.
Aids you in journeying while keeping you protected and tethered to your body.
While providing access to the higher spiritual planes it helps bring back the knowledge received there.

In addition to holding the same properties of Pink Stilbite, it also contains the following properties:
Due to it’s high water content, it is an excellent conductor of energy.
Aids introspection into your behavior and correction of these imbalances.
Effective stress reliever and releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns.

Green Apophyllite:
Absorbs and transmits universal energy.
Strong ability to attune to spiritual dimensions, doorways and vortexes.
During healing rites aids in invoking the energies of rebirth, healing and growth.
Connects to nature, both flora and fauna allowing you to connect with healing knowledge of plants and animal spirits.
Helps release conditioned programming from this and other life times which no longer serve your higher self.

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