Tea Ceremony : New to Full Moon : Intro


My practice centers on the stabilizing effects of the elements, and always returns to source, in addition, the type of rituals I conduct are influenced by the seasons and the moon phases. The majority of my moon work is actually conducted during New, or Dark, Moon. I have come across pagans and light workers who don’t feel comfortable working with the ‘Dark’ moon because they associate the dark aspect of things including in some instances the colour black, with negativity. I was raised to see the balance around us. The only true negative is not found in the cycles of nature, but in the intent that is used by the practitioner.

For me the New or Dark Moon is filled with possibility, beginnings, ancestral work and journeys to find the answers to the mysteries ‘hidden in the night’. It is the perfect time for those who practice the shamanic arts to feel safe and protected within the cloak of the night’s mantel within the Mother’s arms.


Cycle : New Moon – Full Moon

This is a ‘mini’ version of the Kalash Puja I designed for New Moon and the blessings of new beginnings. If you have attended one of my New Moon Kalash workshops, or reviewed it online, you will recall that it is about recreating the energies of the earth based on your goals, and includes a section on ‘seeding’ your earth with your intent and the resources to meet your goals

This Mini-Kalash has been designed as a Tea Ceremony as I believe that magick/intent manifests from within us, but can be aided by the elements around us. In this Tea Ceremony you will use flowering teas and all 5 elements to plant your intent within from the start of the New Moon to the night of the Full Moon, allowing it to nourish your goals throughout this cycle of the moon.

Please do not be discouraged from performing this ceremony if you do not have access to Flowering Teas. I purchase mine online from Numi Teas, however, all teas are the dried essence of elementals and any can be used. Simply hold the tea bag as your Seed of Intent, in place of the flowering tea ‘bulb’.

For information on the Full New Moon and New Beginnings Kalash Puja, please visit the following post:

Malas : Use & Substitutions

For those who have read the original posts on Mantras and Malas, here is a quick refresher: hold mala in right hand using middle finger and thumb for movement of the beads. Never allow the index finger (ego) to touch the beads. Never cross over the Meru (sometimes referred to as Guru) bead for this is where the intent will build with each recitation. It is the ‘home’ of the energy/power you are creating based on the intent of the selected Mantra.

Please do not be discouraged from reciting Mantras if you do not have a Mala. Placing the energy with intent into a Fetish Bag, Charm, or Stone while reciting the Mantras can work. The point is your intent and the offering of the 108 recitations.

For information on the how to use mantras, please visit the following post:

The following is a breakdown of the ‘elements’ used in the Tea Ceremony and the intent behind them:

1. FIRE: The Lotus Candle Holder:
The Lotus is more than just a symbol of purity. It represents the divine within us rising from the chaos of life towards enlightenment. The Candle represents this enlightenment, allowing us to see not just the path to our goals but our true spiritual path as well, and it provides the spark of knowledge within us to understand the truth in what we see.

2. WATER: The Tea Pot/Cup – The Kalash Vessel – Earth’s Womb
The water within the vessel symbolizes the giving life force of the earth, and the nurturing ability to manifest and grow that it holds.

3. EARTH: The Flower Tea
Within it’s ‘dormant’ state, the tea is neither alive nor dead.. it is in limbo, awaiting manifestation/growth. It is the seed of intend you will plant within your Earth’s Womb. (I use Numi Flowering Teas, however, any loose leaf tea which is ‘bound’ such as green tea ‘dragon balls’ or twisted such as white tea ‘jasmine’ needles can also work. Essentially you need a tea which will expand and ‘grow’ within the water.

4. AIR & SPIRIT: Mantras and Malas
Mantra’s are prayers of intent utilizing the seed sounds of creation. Reciting the mantra is an offering of your energy to the divine. The mala stores the energy raised. Mala’s made of precious stones can be selected which can further empower your intent. The type of mantra and mala used can add intent to the puja. Please see ‘Divine Connections’ for more information on Mantras and Malas and a selection of videos with the required 108 recitations required for the practice. The vocalization of the mantras represents the element of air through sound, the intent and energy, spirit.

THE RITUAL: please click below…

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