Mudras : Intro

It has been a great week spent working on revisiting the Mudra section of my “Shakti Shaman Reiki Program” booklets. I have created two new mudra series that I will be adding to the Mudra section of the level 2 program which I have decided to share throughout this month on my blog to assist with any individual interested in further developing the “DEED” or Kriya Shakti Energy within. This is the energy that allows you to manifestation through body motion and touch. Remember, the magick is within you 😀

Below, and on the posts which will follow this month on Mudras, the information is pulled from my course. I share it here for any interested in self-healing. I do ask that if you tend to repost or use this material for any other purpose that you please re-post with permission and credit. It is a fair way to give respect to the energy of manifestation provided by any individual who has created a program of study. This series of posts will include both the explanation of the sequences within the series, and once I get them completed, videos to illustrate them. These will be my first instructional videos ever, and I welcome constructive feedback, so please be kind! :).  One series was created for BALANCING the energies within, and the other for RECLAIMING energies and recharging.

Mudra @ Delhi Airport


The Sanskrit word “mudra” means: Attitude, Gestures, or Seal. It is believed by the ancients that hand mudras can serve as an alternative or holistic health care aid to assist with acute illness, chronic illness, or developing latent psycho-energetic potential. Usually accompanied by precise visualizations, or mantras, mudras are a vital element of energy work and is utilized in yoga and ritual worship (puja).

Mudras reference mystic or spiritual positioning of the hands, flow of energy, affect internal healing and chakra energy flow. The postures and techniques of mudras represent specific states of consciousness. And, they have the ability to create those states, and the physical benefits they represent in our bodies. Mudras engage specific areas of our brain, they can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Visitors are greeted at the New Delhi airport with a series of inspiring Mudras.THE PRACTICE:

there are a few suggestions provided in the “Mudras of India” by: Cain and Revital Carroll to assist you with your practice. As Mudras are considered ‘Yoga for the hands’ by many westerners, you may not be surprised that the rules for practice are quite similar to those for yoga! Do not practice on a full stomach, like any form of healing, energy work or meditation, you should complete the practice before eating, or at least 3 hours after your last mean to ensure the digestive fires (agni) will not consume the energy raised and directed for healing or other intended purposes. Use your mind to send the energy to your hands, be ‘energetically’ aware of their movement, and their touch. Be gentle with your hands and any potential anatomical or health limitations on fully realizing the mudra poses.

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