Thought-Word-Deed: The Shakti Energies

“It is believed that both male and female energy is required to create change in the universe. Shakti Energy is the primordial female energy, which brings manifestation to the male energy (‘thought’). The thought to heal is considered passive, and male, it is the start of the healing process: intent. The flow of the energy, the removal of blockages, is active, and female: the action. “ ~ Shakti-Shaman Reiki Training Manual, Level1: by K.Baboolal

Of the 5 Shakti Energies I hope to introduce, I wanted to start with the ones that deal directly with ritual manifestation. The three I refer to as: Though, Word and Deed:



THOUGHT: Jnana shakti : Cognition and Intuition
• It is the knowledge, thought, that drives our actions.
• It activates mind processes and analyzes situations.
• It is the intuition and the energy of the sub-conscious.
• It is our gift of clairvoyance or clairaudience or clairsentience.
• It is the night time healing that processes toxins and purify our body.
• It is the thought before the action.
• It is Vata: Ether & Air, Mind and Spirit

• As Jnana energy strengthens within us, we remain grounded in wisdom and shed light within uncertainly/darkness.


WORD : Iccha shakti : Will Power & Intent
• It is the will power driven by our virtues, desires and goals,
• It is our abilities to manifest our intent by strength of will.
• It moves our bodies and our goals forward.
• It is the conduit for Prana utilized by Healers
• It is the will required to manifest our thoughts.
• It is Pitta: Fire and Water, Will Power and Desires

• As Iccha energy strengthens within us, we obtain contentment in all aspects of our lives we have used the energy toward the manifestation of our goals.


DEED : Kriya Shakti : Movement & Manifestation
• It is the Energy of: action that allows us to manifest our will.
• It is the physical movement and strength of body.
• It is the warrior, sentinel within that allows us to withstand negativity
• It is the action to manifest our will.
• It is Kapha: Water and Earth, Movement and Manifestation.

• As Kriya energy strengthens within us, we develop clarity of mind.

This post provides a definition of the three main Shakti energies. Below are previous posts which can assist with the development of two of these energies. Over time I will add more information and exercises for developing and working with the energy of Source, Kundalini and the energy within. In balance, Shakti Shaman ~ KB

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