Thought – Word – Deed: Intro

I was recently reminded of a basic concept of ritual work/healing: “If you can’t make magic without tools, you can’t make magick with tools” A Witch’s World of Magick: by M.Marquis. This quote reminded me to take a step back from the rituals I’ve posted, and resonates with the basic belief which I utilize in my healing mantra for my own practice:

“In a world of ritual, the intent to heal, takes action”
~ Shakti Shaman : K.Babooolal ~

It begins with intent, and is manifested through your actions. Simple, right? But we can so easily forget this basic concept when the pageantry of ceremony takes over.

When I finally do post the basis for my nightly puja, you will notice that I use no tools to open the energy, clear the space and ground and guard it. It is done using my internal energy and connection to source and is manifested through; thought, word, and deed (actions/mudras). It ensures I am present and activated before I commence with any ritual. But this wasn’t always the case.

Back in my early twenties, when I first started adjusting my island root/energy work to more western pagan practices, I never felt ‘connected’, mainly because the technique of the craft had me relying on the tools, and no longer relying on myself. So I asked myself one question: If the tools are simply an extension of my own energy, then why do I need them? So, I went back to source. Myself.

I have always understood, respected and utilized the power that herbs, crystals and the elements can add to my own energy, it was the teachings started by my Mama almost 40 years ago, but she also taught me that you have to find your own energy first.

I will be adding posts to the ‘Energy’ category to help those who may have become disenchanted, or disconnected, find their way back to source, within themselves. This will be an ongoing process, so please be patient with me. Under the “Divine Connection” categories you will already find posts for techniques to help develop ‘Thought and Intuition”.

The first post dealing with ‘Energy’ takes things back to basic, the energy of thought, word and deed : as manifested through the 3 main Shakti Energies within us.  I hope you find it useful in your own workings.

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