Akashic Journey : Intro


The Akashic Records has been defined in many ways, the most common is that it is a repository for the knowledge of all that was, is and is meant to be. It is widely believed in the pagan communities that anyone can access any part of it. My experience is different.

I believe entrance within and the knowledge gained, comes in stages. My first visit showed me my own story. It showed me the strings that bound my path to my Mama’s and her Mama before her. It also showed me the main purpose of my soul, through its many incarnations (verified years later by my DNA Activation and reading!). It also helps me see the patterns I developed which block my own progress in various areas of my life, which can ultimately impede one’s soul journey.

In time, the knowledge I am able to access has extended to include what I needed to know to fulfill my soul’s purpose. The process of accessing this knowledge is not like I’ve read online or in books, and I don’t believe it’s meant to be. I believe you are meant to experience it based on your unique way of being. For me, the location is a weightless, mist. I get images that aren’t there, symbols, or sounds, but not words. Confused yet? I am too! It’s far from easy to explain. It’s not like opening a book and reading to obtain knowledge, it’s like a hidden part of your brain clicks on and you just ‘know’. You understand.

Based on my experience, there are two Akashic Records.  Depending on what information you seek, this can take you to a journey within to the ‘collective unconscious’, or outside of your own Earth and therefore requires your soul to leave your body.    The other is the more commonly referred to records that require an external journey.  More information will follow on the Collective Unconscious and Shadow Journeys in the Fall!

When journeying to external planes, since I am a light-shadow, with an unusually high vibrational frequency, I still struggle with the return trip and find grounding back to body and earth a challenge. I created this journeying ritual to assist me with my travels and to help store the information granted to me. I hope you find some inspiration from it, as it is shared here, in perfect trust.



It was hard to decide which category to place the actual puja (ritual) within, as it is a New Moon/Full Moon ritual, but deals with Divine Connection. I have decided to simply place it in the ‘Ritual Section’ and allow you to connect with it, in a way that is right for you.


Safe Journeys:



The puja (ritual) for this journey is in two parts: one to prepare for the journey, and one to bring you home and store the data. The puja/ritual and additional posts relating to the elements of this puja have been added and are listed below:

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Healing : Ayurveda : Gunas, the effect of diet on ritual.

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