Phoenix Rising Puja

My practice centers on the stabilizing effects of the elements, and always returns to source.  Every night, after my evening ritual puja (welcoming the Creator and the Elements to my Temple), one puja is always conducted; it is based on purification from the effects of the day to remove the stresses life can have on your body, soul and mind.  This puja is based on Fire and Air and was created to work with my spiritual Totem, the Phoenix.  I honour her lessons in this puja. ~ KB


FIRE: The Bamboo & Ash

Go deeper in your intent when you ignite the Bamboo from the Sacred Candle on your Altar. The Bamboo represents the Ash of the Phoenix, her ‘egg’ for renewal and rebirth. As you begin to see the embers kindle within her, gently share your breath with her (adding an essence of the ‘Air’ aspect to this puja. Be reverent and gentle when dealing with the Bamboo.

AIR: The Aromatic Resins

Born of the earth these elements of healing provide the essence of the life force of the trees which they are found within. The Fire Puja frees the energy captured within the resins onto the air for healing.

SPIRIT: Mantras and Malas

Mantra’s are prayers of intent utilizing the seed sounds of creation. Reciting the mantra is an offering of your energy to the divine. The mala stores the energy raised. Mala’s made of precious stones can be selected which can further empower your intent. The type of mantra and mala used can add intent to the puja. Please see ‘Divine Connections’ for more information on Mantras and Malas and a selection of videos with the required 108 recitations required for the practice. The vocalization of the mantras represents the element of air through sound, the intent and energy, spirit.


Instructions, Script, Source Guides and
Background Information on Materials Used

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