Mantra your Dosha

This post combines the practices of Mantra Meditation and Ayurveda by providing seeds sounds for your Doshas.

Mantras can be used by anyone of the Doshas, however, you can benefit most by using the sounds associated with the ‘mental dosha’ you are trying to pacify or maintain. In Ayurveda, the mind is comprised of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) and their subtle expressions, which guide the type of ‘mental dosha’ a person is most likely to have:

sattva (clarity)
 rajas (activity)
 tamas (inertia)

Mantras based on this principle are provided for each of the Doshas using regular and Bija Mantras (Seed Mantras). In the “seed” (bija) mantras each seed is conceived of as the sound-form of a particular Hindu deity, and each deity is in turn a particular aspect of the Absolute Creator.. When we chant the bijas, we identify each syllable with the divine energy they represent.


Vata is composed of ether and air and is more rajasic and less sattvic. Vata is primarily cold, active and sensitive, and those with this dosha will benefit from sounds that are warming, calming, gently rhythmic and soothing.

Ram – – Agni, the God of Fire, its purpose is to help boost your immune system and alleviate fear and anxiety.
Hrim – Maya bija, for becoming a leader and fulfilling desires for power.
Hrim is bija of Maya, goddess of illusion who can open your eyes on real reality.
Shrim: Through Lakshmi, its purpose is to promote general health and harmony.


Pitta is fire and water, with the potential for more sattva and less rajas. Pitta’s qualities of hot, sharp and intense will be harmonized by cooling, beautifully rhythmic and compassionate sounds.

Shrim: Through Lakshmi, its purpose is to promote general health and harmony.
Sham (6th Chakra, bija)
Ma. – The Womb from where the Universe manifests. Symbolises the ‘Dance of Creation.


Kapha is water and earth, and is more tamasic, less sattvic. Kapha, which is cool, dull and sluggish, will balance with warming, stimulating, fast rhythm and uplifting sounds.

Hum – Lord Shiva. Its purpose is clearing and stimulating
Om – Comprised of three letters: A.U.M – the form of creation, maintenance and destruction/withdrawal.
Krim – Kali, the goddess who dwells in the ancestral or cremation ground, representing purification.

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