Nightly Ritual: Intro

Embracing spirit on a regular nightly basis helps you reconnect with the divine within.  It is a beautiful way to remember who you are.  Your calling.  It also is a wonderful way to release, recharge, center and ground the harmful effects of the day with the aid of the Creator.

My practice focuses on internal energy, fueled by source and stabilized by the elements and guided by the moon phases.   I conduct one or more  of four different ‘pujas’, and if required follow with specific rituals/pujas for healing or guidance.

My wish is that individuals do not simply go directly to a ritual, but understand why I have chosen various materials, the energy associate with them (as they relate to me, other resources may provide variations) and the purpose of the puja/ritual.  As a result before I post my ritual, I will start by posting an ‘Introduction’ page on the ritual which will list the aspects and/or elements of the puja.  These details will be broken down as posts within the Akashic Record Parent Category.

Nightly Rituals (Pujas):

Nightly Puja : Phoenix Rising : Fire-Air
Nightly Puja : Healing Chalice : Earth-Water
Nightly Puja: Elemental Balancing : Aromatherapy
New Moon to Full Moon : Kalash Tea Ceremony
New Moon and Full Moon : Akashic Journey Puja

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