Dragon’s Blood


Photo by: Hope Hill


  • Holds many of the same properties as Myrrh.
  • Funerary Resin it provides access to the mysteries of death and dying.
  • Associated with the concept of reincarnation, rebirth and new beginnings it can be used to ‘re-consecrate’ tools, cleansing them of their old programming, leading the way for their new purpose.
  • Provides protection during shamanic/astral travel.

3 thoughts on “Dragon’s Blood

  1. FiresideWitch, would you know where I can purchase some Dragon’s Blood Resin from Sumatra? It’s to cleanse my old clothes that are showing me they’re still holding painful past memories from my teen years? I’m in the UK and struggling to source a supplier who will ship to London. Thank you.


    • Namaste Nisha, I purchase my supplies mainly from Essenceoftheages.com. I find her products are sourced well, but I am not sure if they ship to the UK…. I am sorry I am unable to assist, but welcome any of my spiritual visitors to add suggestions for you. Dragon’s blood is one of my favorite resins to use, but there are others which are just as powerful for the purpose you seek. Copal has served me well. It comes in a black and white form, I recommend using black first to help remove the negativity and white to bring in peace. Blessings to you, and my apologies for the delay in responding. ❤


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