Aromatherapy : Intro

A dear friend once told me [or in my case my Mama and Papa – KB], do not disregard the lore that has come down from distant years, for it often contained great wisdom. Within the substance of this simple statement is the foundation of the survival, and constant revival, of the ancient arts. Researchers are forever reaching back to ages past in hopes of touching – the magicks of our ancestors. – The magick of aromatherapy, by G. O’Hara.

In Ancient times the etheric qualities of essential oils were widely employed by priests and priestesses of virtually all religions. Fragrant oils were used in healing and for spiritual purposes both to banish negative entities and to call to benevolent ones. Recently, the study of the physical and emotional effects of aromatics has become a specialized aspect of herbalism, categorized as aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy can be used to alleviate both physical and emotional symptoms and in aid of spiritual quests making it a true holistic healing practice. Aromatherapy is generally used to refer to the extracts of herbs in an oil base form, however, for the purpose of my study and online Akashic Record posts, Aroma-therapy includes all methods of extracting the aromatic essence of herbs and resins.

As there are numerous books and websites dedicated to this topic, I will be limiting my posts on Essential Oils, and Resins to those that are utilized in Rituals/Pujas I have crafted and shared on this website.  Please view these items under Akashic Record: sub-categories Apothecary.


Throughout my site you will find information based on my spiritual and/or healing practices which have been deemed safe for my use. Before utilizing any substance found on my site, please consult your family doctor first, and then (if you have one) holistic and/or spiritual practitioner to determine if it is safe for you to do so. There are ‘contra-benefits’ for all herbal and western therapies that need to be considered on an individual basis for which I am not qualified to assist you.

Source Guide for all Herbal related posts include but are not limited to (and will be added to over time):

  • The Magick of Aromatherapy: by G. O’Hara
  • A Compendium of Herbal Magick: by P. Beyerl

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