• Also known as Copal Negro, Night Copal, and Black Mayan Copal.
  • Carries the secret energies of the night.
  • Consecration and blessing of items.
  • Cleansing and purification of Sacred space, removing negativity.
  • Helps the Ancestors find their way through the veil to your altar.
  • Aids in astral work and in tethering you and grounding you back.
  • Aids in communication with Ancestral Spirits, Great Spirit and your Higher Self.
  • Helps you retain and understand knowledge obtained during those communications.
  • Removes blockages from new projects and help you release that which no longer serves your journey.
  • Aids with new beginnings, or can help one to find their way back to their true life purpose.
  • Brings peace and contentment
  • Water, Moon, Autumn and Winter


  • has a light, clean scent
  • Light clean scent
  • Purifies body and space.
  • Protects during ritual work and astral travels.
  • Consecration and rituals
  • Clears negative energy from ritual space and within yourself.
  • Aids meditation and spirituality by helping you ‘release’.
  • Brings peace and contentment
  • Fire, Sun, Summer

For my nightly ritual I use Black and White Copal, I reserve the Gold Copal and my Amazon Gold for Fire Festivals and for my Ancestral Feast ( Known by others as either Samhain or the Day of the Dead)  The trees which provide us with copal are on the Threatened Species List.  Be aware of the harvesting methods used by your supplier and use sparingly.



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