Bamboo Charcoal – White Rice Ash


Bamboo Charcoal & White Rice Ash : A Healthy alternative to Charcoal Discs

Bamboo Charcoal & White Rice Ash : A Healthy alternative to Charcoal Discs

 • Contains no toxins or petroleum.
• Is a more porous material allowing it to ‘breath’ and sustain a burn more efficiently.
• Releases Negative Ions similar to Oceans and Waterfalls
• Burns in the Far-Infrared Spectrum of Light similar to that of the Sun.

Benefits of Negative Ions and how they translate to Ritual:
• Reduces stress, helping you remain calm, centered and focused.
• Improves sleep, helping you release your mind to astral or meditative work.
• Boosts immunity and shields against EMFs, this one may seem tricky,
but it illustrates protective and shielding qualities which for me, can translate to a spiritual level.

Benefits of Far-Infrared Rays and how they translate to Ritual:
• Increases energy, both within yourself and the resins on it.
• Detoxifies your body, and therefore your energies both within your physical temple and your spiritual temple.
• Improves circulation of energy within you, and of the energy of the resins released on it.

White Rice Ash versus Sand or Salt:
• WRA is lighter and more porous, which allows you to ‘bury’ the bamboo charcoal within, without extinguishing or smothering it.
• By burying the charcoal it provides a safer more stable scenario if you wish to hold and walk a space with your incense burner.
• Resins are generally ‘burned’ when placed directly on charcoal discs.
By burying the charcoal and placing the resins on the WRA the result is a slow release of the powers of the resins without the burn.


Below are the main steps for conducting the Japanese Kodo Incense Ritual. I use several of these steps in my own ritual.  The 5 star patterning is significant in the Japanese ceremony, when I prepare them I use either the 5 or 6 sided star depending on my ritual/healing intent. You can use a veve, rangola or other spiritual symbols that suit your practice.  Add it with intent, fuel energy into each line.

Below is a beautiful illustration of the Japanese Incense Ritual using a disc version of the bamboo charcoal (it can be found in various sizes and shapes through the Source Guide directly below this video)

Source Guide: Essence of the Ages
• Affordable, and personable, I encourage you to contact her.
• Bamboo Charcoal, White Rice Ash, Copals and Blends:

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