Bach Flower Remedies

 ~The Remedies~

Agrimony: Put on a cheerful face to hide problems; if you have mental worry or torture; attempt to forget mental torture through drugs and alcohol

Aspen: Have unexplained fears and worries; have vague fears of unknown origin (often irrational); are nervous and anxious

Beech: Are critical and intolerant of others; desire to change others; have a judgmental attitude

Centaury: Have difficulty in saying no and are anxious to please; have weakness of will; are easily influenced and exploited – ‘the doormat’

Cerato: Doubt your own ability to judge situations; distrust self; constantly seek advice

Cherry Plum: Fear losing control of your behavior, of the mind giving way; have thoughts of suicide

Chestnut Bud: Fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes; are impatient to move ahead

Chicory: Are overly possessive and expect others to conform to your values; are full of indulgent self-love; are full of self-pity

Clematis: Daydream and generally have a lack of interest in the present; are inattentive; are unconscious; have an out-of-the-body feeling

Crab Apple: Have a poor self-image and are ashamed or embarrassed by unpleasant physical symptoms, characteristics or features; feel mentally or emotionally unclean or unacceptable; feel self- condemnation; are congested; are over-fixated on trivia – ‘the great cleanser’

Elm: Are overwhelmed or burdened by responsibility; have temporary feelings of inadequacy – “I can’t let them down”

Gentian: Are easily discouraged, hesitant and despondent; lack faith; are full of doubt and pessimism; are depressed from a known cause; are weak following an illness

Gorse: Feel hopelessness and  despair and are pessimistic; are depressed from illness of a long-term duration – “I give up”

Heather: Feel self-absorbed; dislike being alone, and talk incessantly about self – “What about me”

Holly: Have feelings of extreme jealousy, envy and suspicion; have feelings of revenge

Honeysuckle: Absorbed in memories of the past; feel homesick or nostalgic

Hornbeam: Get the ‘Monday morning’ feeling, doubting your ability to face the day’s work; lack strength – “I don’t think I can cope” Impatiens Are impatient and easily irritated; have extreme mental tension; are unable to co-operate

Larch: Lack self-confidence and feel inferior; will not try because you expect to fail

Mimulus: Have a fear rooted in known causes, e.g. spiders, flying, death, etc.; are shy and timid

Mustard: Experience unexplained deep gloom and/or melancholy

Oak: Are driven by a strong sense of duty and struggle on even though exhausted; suffer the effects of the limitations of illness; despair but never give up

Olive: Feel exhausted in body and mind Pine Feel full of guilt and blame yourself for other people’s mistakes; have feelings of self-doubt and reproach

Red Chestnut: Are over-anxious or over- concerned for others

Rescue Remedy: Are in a demanding or stressful situation

Rock Rose: Experience terror; are frozen in fear and feel helpless

Rock Water: Are inflexible, setting yourself very high standards; desire to be an example to others; are in self-denial; are repressed; are a martyr

Scleranthus: Suffer from indecision; are hesitant; feel an imbalance

Star of Bethlehem: Have experienced shock, grief or a fright

Sweet Chestnut: Are at the limits of endurance and in deep despair; have extreme mental anguish; have reached the limits of endurance (not suicidal)

Vervain:  Are over-enthusiastic, argumentative with fixed principles and ideas; desire to persuade others; are incensed by injustices

Vine: Are strong-willed with a tendency to be domineering or inflexible; are too ruthless

Walnut: Fear major life changes and are in need of protection from the influences of others; the ‘Link Breaker’

Water Violet: Prefer to be alone or are proud and aloof; feel others do not understand you

White Chestnut: Have unwanted thoughts, preoccupations and worries; have mental arguments – “I can’t get it out of my mind”

Wild Oat: Are uncertain of the correct path in life, dissatisfied with your current lifestyle and cannot decide which path to follow

Wild Rose: Make little effort to improve situations; are resigned to whatever happens; are apathetic; do not care about anything

Willow: For feelings of resentful or self-pity


SOURCE GUIDEBach Flower Massage by Dr. Lo Rito

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