Kapha Pacifying Diet

Eating for your Dosha: Kapha-Pacifying Diet

  • Dairy. Low-fat milk is better. Always boil milk before you drink it — which makes it easier to digest — and take it warm. Do not take milk with a full meal or with sour or salty food. You might add one or two pinches or turmeric or ginger to whole milk before boiling it to help reduce any Kapha-increasing qualities in the milk.
  • Fruit. Lighter fruits, such as apples and pears, are better. Reduce heavy or sour fruits, such as oranges, bananas, pineapples, figs, dates, avocados, coconuts and melons, as these fruits increase Kapha.
  • Sweeteners. Honey is excellent for reducing Kapha. Reduce sugar products, as these increase Kapha.
  • All beans are fine, except tofu.
  • Reduce all nuts.
  • Grains. Most grains are fine, especially barley and millet. Do not take too much wheat or rice, as they increase Kapha.
  • Spices. All are fine, except for salt. It increases Kapha.
  • Vegetables. All are fine, except tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and zucchini. They all increase Kapha.

Adjusting for the seasons:

Kapha is aggravated during the wet, cool seasons.  You will need to decrease consumption of the above items during this time, and increase it during the hot, dry seasons.  Ironically, most people have an instinctive need to eat more of the foods above during the winter months, you will need to condition your body and mind to do the reverse.

Rebalancing your Dosha:

If true Doshic balance is Kapha, but it has been overpowered with another Dosha, putting you out of balance, you need to eat based on reducing the Dosha which is dominating your true constitution. Generally Kapha is out of balance in excess rather than in deficit.  In most cases you will need to reduce Kapha diet items and depending on your in-balance and the season, increase Pitta (dry cool season) or Vata (wet, hot season),  Visiting a certified Tri-Doshic practitioner can assist. They will determine your true constitution and your current state of flux and provide you with food lists for your own menu creations.

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