Ritual : Twinning Puja/Ceremony

Every once in a while (if you are truly lucky) you will come across a sister or brother of spirit. Someone who stands for you closer than family. I am very humbled to have such a person in my life. She is my ‘sister’ on both my earth and spirit walk. My twin and I had previously had unexpected astral travels to each other in times of great need.  This ceremony came out of the realization of our strong bond and connection during this lifetime which we decided to honour through ritual.

 The Twinning ceremony is in its essence the adoption of a person into your life as family. A bonding.  The ceremony utilizes Herkimer Double Terminated ‘Diamond’ Crystals (you will need two), a Tea Pot on a candle warmer stand, two cups, tea leaves, and bread (and honey for sweetening the tea) as offerings. The Tea Pot will represent the ‘Body’ or Earth, the Tea Leaves the Air we breath, the Candle the fires of change and transformation, and the Water the blood that flows within us.  It will involve astral work together, so if you don’t trust the person enough to share a state on this level, you may not be ready to share this ceremony, yet. Have faith in your bond, and allow it grow till you are ready, or create one that suits the bond you have now.



Repeat each element one at a time.  Hold Herkimer Diamond over the element, draw the power of the element from within you  and from around you into the stone. In this ritual the elements you are calling upon are not the elements that surround us, but the elements of our very own creation.  The Earth is our physical matter, the Air the oxygen that sustains us, the Fire the digestive/metabolic energies of creation, energy and transformation within us, and the Water the fllutids that keep everything else moving, including our blood.  This ritual is about sharing our ‘essence’ after all! 

Body ~ Earth ~ Vessel (Tea Pot and cups), Say:
I call to the primordial energy of Earth
Which forms and sustains me from deep within
To connect with that which surrounds me
And to share with the one I call Twin

Oxygen ~ Air ~ Tea Leaves, Say:
I call to the primordial energy of Air,
My breath of life, from deep within
To connect with that which surrounds me
And to share with the one I call Twin

Metabolism/Energy ~ Fire ~ Candle, Say:
I call to the primordial energy of Fire,
Transforming and fueling from deep within
To connect with that which surrounds me
And to share with the one I call Twin

Blood ~ Water ~ Spring Water, Say:
I call to the primordial energy of Water,
Allowing movement & flow from deep within
To connect with that which surrounds me
And to share with the one I call Twin


Place the crystal you are offering in your right hand, and holding hands,  Repeat the dedication one at a time.  As each individual completes the dedication they then place their diamond  in their tea cup (clay is best for representing the earth as ‘body’).  By placing the personally charged crystals in the water, you and your twin will  drink of each other.

My Sister, my friend, Our souls have journeyed here
to this place and time together, for a purpose to fulfill.
As we share our spiritual destinies,
I make this vow to you:
I stand by you and for you in all matters of spirit.

What harms you I guard, what aids you, I fuel.
Please wear this stone, formed of air and water,
forged of fire found in earth, and infused by my essence,
as a doorway to me, to call upon in times of need.


Prior to starting the ritual place tea leaves in two separate clay cups  adding warmed water to steep.  As the last stanza of the dedication above is spoken,  place your now charged crystal in your cup of brewed tea and pour your cup of tea (including the crystal) into the main pot in turn, merging the two cups into one. Let it steep overnight. Prepare for a night of astral work with your twin using the methods you are versed in. After the following Tea Ceremony, commence with your Astral Travel Ritual of sleep for overnight.

By Earth, Air, Fire and Water
This is tea infused with their power,
I drink of my sister and share of me.
As we sleep, and we dream,
walk to me.  In peace I welcome you.
Come to me, my sister, my twin.


Prepare morning offering : Bread and tea leaves for the elements, and for grounding after the ceremony.


As a testament to your dedication
and to strengthen your vow to me,
will you accept this tea ,
strengthened overnight by the elements,
invoked of Earth Air, Fire and Water?


Good morning sister,
I thank you for sharing with me your spirit within,
the gateway is open and I accept your offer.


Drink the tea that is offered,  your sister will then place her Herkimer on you.  The process is then reversed and repeated.


Certain ritual I do not close, for the point of the ritual is either ongoing for a determined (or at times undetermined) period of time, or in this case, lifelong. If you prefer to ‘Close’ the ritual, please do so now. The remaining tea, and first break of the bread (and honey), Is offered to the Earth,  following your closing Words below.


We give our love and strength to each other
and with respect, give our thanks to the primordial Energy within,
which has connected us to the Energy of creation surrounding us,
and which has forged the special spiritual link we have with each other.

Elementals, and great Mother/Creator,
please accept this tea, which we have infused with our essence,
as an offering to you.
That the connection between us may never be severed.



9 thoughts on “Ritual : Twinning Puja/Ceremony

    • Thank you, it is a very personal ceremony that I did with someone who is my best friend and balance in life. I share it, and my other rituals, in perfect trust, and am glad you found a connection to it as well :), Namaste, K


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