Ritual : Kalash Puja

Original Ritual Crafted by Kayla Baboolal

Today marked a new phase, a new beginning, in my life. When conducting my research into Hinduism I came across a puja (ritual) known as the Kalash Puja.  The basic concept of which intrigued and inspired me.  It seemed fitting to post this today.

Kalash puja is the re-creation of the earth by yourself as Brahma, and is a symbolic way of deconstructing the aspects of the earth (your life) you are unhappy with and reconstructing it with protection, guidance and representations of the resources you need to manifest your goals/desires. Below I have provided the steps for my Island inspired Kalash Puja. I have attached a full PDF for the ritual which includes the outline below.

When to use the Kalash Puja:
The puja can be adapted easily to bless the beginning of a new venture/business, a marriage or home. It can be done as a monthly New Moon Ritual (highly recommended), to establish the direction for a relationship on a monthly or anniversary basis, or to provide blessings for a new member of the family.

Make it your Own:
The Puja can easily be adapted to the spiritual practices of other pagan paths by simply selecting a God/ess, Totem or Energy that symbolizes the following:

A Gatekeeper,
Duality – energy used to ‘bind’ the vessel.

The puja outlined attached calls to both a male and female for each type of energy, however, I personally believe that there is duality (M/F energy) in each living and spiritual being. You can simply use Maiden-Mother-Crone, or even the cycles of the season or the moon. My own personal version of the Kalash calls to elements, animal totems and ancestors.

If you try the puja using other pagan paths, I welcome you to post the combinations you followed to help others who may wish to adapt this puja to their practices.

The Basic Outline and Photo Gallery:

 [1] – Avahana, Invocation of the God Energy within the vessel/earth.
 [1] – Fill the Kalash with water.
 [1] – Avahana, Invocation of the Goddess Energy within the living vessel/water
 [2] – Bind the energies of the God and Goddess together with the Holy Thread
 [3] – Fill the Kalash with the minerals/seeds and/or the symbols of your intent for your earth.
 [4] – Place the 5 Mango/other leaves around the mouth of the Kalash, stems touching the water.
 [5] – Place the Moon Saucer over the mouth, fill with a handful of rice.
 [6] – Place the Sun Diya on top of the rice.
 [7] – Behind the Sun Diya on the Moon Saucer plate, place the coconut (Consciousness).
 [8] – Put your palms over the top of the earth for activation and blessing.
 [9] – Invite the Divine, through specific deities who can assist your intent, to reside on your earth.

The Full RItual Workshop – PDF (C) 2006 Kayla Baboolal :  




I wish to thank Susan David for her services in helping me outline the Kalash Puja through imagery. Susan is a Professional Photographer based in Toronto and can be reached via her website: http://susandavid.ca.  The photos are copy right protected by Ms. David, and used under my ownership.  Permission to repost most be requested from Ms. David.

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