Moon Astrology : June

3rd Quarter Moon, June 19-22 (begins 16:40 pm June 19) – Realizing Dreams

This Moon cuts away all that distracts from putting dreams into action. The 3rd Quarter Moon integrates new ideas into creative expression; it’s time to follow our bliss and do what feels good in concert with the whole.

Summer Solstice, June 21 (exact 10:51 am gmt) – Free Your Soul!

Solstice means “still standing Sun,” it is when the Sun rises and sets at the same place on the horizon. The Summer Solstice continues for 3-4 days culminating on Mid-Summer’s Day June 24 when the Sun begins to move southward again.

Mid-Summer’s Eve / Day, June 23-24 – Celebrate, Dance to the Music

Midsummer is the vital peak of the annual cycle, a time “when magic is most potent and fairies become visible.” Vital energy is elevated in plants and trees, nature spirits come out and about. Snakes shed their skins at Midsummer and we can shed our old psychic skin through circle dancing and fire leaping. We leap Mid-Summer fire 3 times (a candle will do) to shed past shadows and free the soul. Shedding body armor this way clears inner vision so fairies become visible. Dance Sunwise (clockwise) clears astral shadows that impinge on our realm, then dancing widdershins (counterclockwise) brings in the magic of the new world to be.

Balsamic Moon, June 23-25 – Make a Wish!

This is the Wishing Moon, a time to put wishes on the air. Also called the Witches Moon, it’s time to bring to mind those who need healing. Feeling invokes healing, the deeper we feel, the deeper we heal and the more Moon magic comes through the new lunar cycle. This lunar cycle moves tides of emotion as it moves tides of the ocean. The outgoing tide takes away what is no longer needed, the incoming tide brings forth what is seeded in the June 26-28 Dark of the Moon. Moon shadows, old life patterns, go out with the waning tide. We just breathe in, breathe out and let go. As psychic shadows dissolve in the astral sea, chi is set free to realize dreams. See the wee waning crescent rising before the Sun. Make a wish!

Dark of the Moon / Cancer New Moon, June 26-28 – Follow the Light Within

The day before New Moon until Sunset the day after is ideal for energy work and meditation to clear way for the new cycle; outer activity is well favored in the days after the new lunar crescent appears on the evening of June 28. Old Moon shadows give way as we connect to the light within and breathe. The day of the New Moon (exact 8:08 am gmt June 27) is a cosmic spring that flows freely as we slow down. New Moon is the monthly reunion of Sun and Moon when a new pulse of divine light enters our world.

Nostradamus calls New Moon “the day of Diana, a time for silent rest.” The New Moon is a magic portal, a source of new creation and a psychic black hole much like Alice’s rabbit hole. Wonders await our following the Moon Hare within. The New Moon is an access point where can be read the akashic records of past events. Now we can know what has been, what is, and how to realize the best yet to be.

Crescent New Moon, June 29-30 – A Time to Sow

It’s time to bring forward what we wish to be realized; all beginnings are favored now. What is dreamed and initiated in this Renaissance Spring brings blessings in years to come. Moon magic is strongest from Sunset to Moonset when the Moon is in the 7th House. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing, prayers bring blessings for this lunar cycle and the year to be. Crescent New Moon of Cancer with Morning Star Venus brings new love, prosperity, and healing peace.

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