2014 Summer Solstice

The calendar marks the Summer Solstice as the start of summer,

I celebrate it as Summer’s end.

From the Spring Equinox the Sun begins her growth phase.  As the days lengthen her fertile and nurturing warmth gives life and growth to the seeds planted during the Spring, culminating into the first Harvest, the Summer Solstice.  But this Harvest also marks the end of Summer on my calendar, for she now begins her journey to the Deep Northern Skies to rest, her time of hibernation until the Winter Solstice.  There are as many deities and traditions for celebrating this special date, as there are varied aboriginal tribes of all native lands.  Taking from my Mama’s teachings to learn the seasons through not just the growth of the lands, but in observing the animals she provides for, my celebration is Totem Based.  As I reside in the Urban Jungle, I cannot do ritual fires.  I use bamboo ‘charcoal’ and resins to represent the Solar Fires.  My ritual is simple and heart-felt.  it is a ‘thanksgiving’ to the Sun.

The Totem: Great Mother Bear

In many aboriginal tribes around the world, the Bear is associated with both solar and lunar energies, as she resides both day and night.  She is also charged, in many tribes as the keeper of the sun, explaining why the sun is seen to ‘hibernate’ during the winter months.  There are a number of books and websites dedicated to the spirit of totems. I have collected some key passages which I have sourced in the Akashic Records: Totems – Bear


A call to charge my Ritual and Healing Totems/Supplies

Offerings to sustain the Spirit Fires of Sister Sun.

After my daily morning ritual, as the sun rises I requests a blessing of the tools for ritual and healing I will use during the second half (or dark half) of the year.   Through simple prayer and intent I ask that Her Solar Fires fuel and charge these Totems of Healing and Ritual, that they may hold fast Her Solar Fire energy during the ‘dark months’, and by Her blessings charge all ‘kin’ in their presence.

 A show of gratitude to Great Mother Bear 

A Blessing for their Journey:

I share a simple prayer of gratitude with Great Mother Bear to show my gratitude for the journey she is about to embark on as she journeys with Sister Sun deep into the Northern Skies.  I provide offerings to sustain them during their hibernation in the Winter’s Cave.  The Puja* provides them with fuel and protection on their journey and during their hibernation.  These offerings come in the form of Prasad*.  There is also a Fetish or Totem bag for Sun and Bear which will be charged once a week during high ‘noon’ until her return at the Winter Solstice.  At that time, the resins and herbs kept for her will be burned in the ‘bonfire’ of rebirth.

See Akashic Records (*): Aspects of a Puja
See Rituals: After my daily morning and evening ritual the Summer Solstice Ritual is performed.


After your daily morning ritual:

A call to charge Ritual and Healing Totems 
Offerings to sustain the Spirit Fires of Sister Sun.

“Sister Sun, I thank you for the period of light you have provided,
sustaining our cycle of life through nourishment and growth.
On this day you hold majesty over Mother Earth, full of your Spiritual Fires

~ Hold bamboo charcoal in the Goddess/Creator Candle Light  till ignited ~
From this sacred light, may your fires reignite.
~ Blow on embers 3 x 3 ~
Through breath of life I offer thee, life-sustaining energy.
~ Place ash in ‘well’ within ash and gently cover ~
From within this sacred ash, solar light  shall come to pass.
A living part of your fires kept within these sacred hours.
I ask that your light shine within these offerings,
that they may sustain us during the dark months
igniting your fires of protection, healing and growth within their kin.”

~ place copal and dragon’s blood on ash once heated ~
~ pass each offering through the smoke for blessing, cleansing and charging.~

Offerings: Will be unique to you, my offerings this Solstice include:
Bamboo Charcoal, White Copal and Black Copal, 
Citrine and Garnet, Sun Catcher Charm and Totem Bag, 
Dragon’s Blood and Solar Salts for ritual bath – both not shown.

A show of gratitude to Great Mother Bear and a Blessing for their Journey:

“Great Mother Bear,
you hold the life force of creation within you,
You hold Sister Sun.
To fuel your journey across the skies to the Northern Caves
I offer you fuel to sustain you,
faith to await you,
fires to protect you,
and love as your kinship.”

~place a little honey on hot ash ~
~ Pass each offering through the smoke for blessing, cleansing and charging.~

The key aspects of the ritual are here. I have chosen to keep sacred the personal start and end to my rituals at this time. Please make it your own.

Offerings: Will be unique to you, my offerings this Solstice include:
Island Dark Honey, Nuts/Seeds – offered weekly as Prasad
Salmon – offered once a monthly as Prasad. 
A decanter (not shown) of Red Sorrel which can be found at West Indian Stores/Restaurants.  
A Black Obsidian Arrow Head stands for protection (not shown).

Why Red Sorrel:
Sioux legend indicates mother bear was weary from carrying her heavy babies in her belly. She was having trouble walking and feared she could not make the journey to the great foraging fields to feed during her final days of pregnancy. She rested against redwood sorrel plant and the plant spoke to her, telling her that if she ate of its leaves her body would be able to sustain her load. Bear has a great journey ahead of her, we offer the sorrel as tradition dictates to aid her journey and burden.


Please see Akashic Records: Animal Totem – Bear, for more information and resources to be posted Sunday.



In preparation for a very early start I have started preparing my altar.
I have photographed some aspects of the items that will be used.
These items will be moved to my actual altar once it is ‘awakened’ and blessed in the morning.

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