The Blessing

My path, in this life time, has taken an island girl who knew her Grandmother as the village healer and wise woman, to a northern home were knowledge of other lands and their rites were readily available.  It was through these books that I realized what my grandmother and her mothers before her were, and the path I was on.

When I first started creating my own rites and spells, I abandoned the simple ways of my ancestors for favour of the more complex rituals I studied in modern texts.  The formal calling I wrote to cast my circle and call the corners is included for those who prefer this method. In time, however, I created a blessing that was more humble and heartfelt.  One that called back to my ancestral teachings. It acts to both call the Spirits of the Corners and create a safe protected space for me to perform my craft.  I repeat the Blessing to close my space once my Ritual or SpellCrafting is complete. It is my blessing to start the morning, my grace at mealtime and ends my day.  It is a simple reminder of the powers that created us and the Great Mother Earth.  It is this Blessing that I offer to you now as my gift to those starting on their own path:

~ the Blessing ~

I give thanks to the Earth for the life she sustains,
The Air that we breath,
Fire’s warmth that we crave,
The Sea for her bounty & tender cleansing force,
Together with the Goddess
of each Primal Source.
~ )O( ~

The candelabra I use has four tapers in each corner which I light to represent the four Cardinal Directions, and a center taper for the Goddess Force within.  During meal times I form the pentagram over my plate based on the elements and spirit as I am reciting it, I close the blessing with a circle surround as I recite the last stanza.

In an attempt to follow the more Northern European traditions, and the more recent Wiccan traditions, I also wrote this formal blessing, which I have now abandoned.  I include it now in the hopes that you may find some inspiration in my writing for completing your own blessing.

You can find this spell under ritual posts “Raising the Power”.  It is over 25 years old, and though I have not used it for 20 years, I hope you can gain some benefit from it.  Our paths all start with one step, the journey as to where that step leads, and the changes in the process are what makes us who we are. Namaste and Blessed be… Shakti Shaman

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