Raising the Power

When I first started researching other traditions in an attempt to ‘categorize’ what mama practiced, I started to abandon my gut and my heritage for the more structured practices I found in books.  In an attempt to follow the more Northern European traditions, and the more recent Wiccan traditions, I also wrote this formal blessing, which I have now abandoned.  I include it now in the hopes that you may find some inspiration in my writing for completing your own blessing.  While it wasn’t the path for me, it did serve me well, and I hope it will you as well:

 Raising the Power

 Salt and water, By casting thee,
Protect this space,
To the power of three.
Hear only my will,
So mote it be.

I conjure thee My Pyramid of power and knowledge,
That thou be a boundary between the world of matter,
And the realm of the Goddess.
A guardian and protector,
that shall preserve and contain,
The power which I shall raise within thee.

By the power of the elements,
And in the most sacred names of the Goddess.
I call upon the blended force,
Of elemental power,
To join the Goddess deep in me,
within this primal hour.

I stir and summon and evoke in me,
The Goddess of the North,
Awaken Gaia hear my plea
to  harness creations magical source .
From you the gift of Life is sent.
To the earth I shall bend,
To plant the seed of my intent.

I stir and summon and evoke in me,
The Goddess of the East,
Awaken Athena hear my plea
To harness the winds that you unleash.
From you the kiss to give it breath,
Blow wisdom on my true intend,
Upon your wings my wish is sent.

I stir and summon and evoke in me,
The Goddess of the South,
Awaken  Artemis hear my plea,
To harness the fire of the dragon’s mouth.
From your strength the gift of power,
Brings light within this mystic hour,
Infuse me now, with creative power.

I stir and summon and evoke in me,
The Goddess of the West,
Awaken Aphrodite hear me plea,
To harness the seas strong caress.
From you the gift of tidal waves,
Calls forth the energy I do crave,
To purify this ritual space.

I stir and summon  and evoke in me,
The Goddess deep within,
To harness the power of mystic sight,
I call upon your sacred guidance come to me upon this night.

In a circle here we stand of power and of might,
As our will shall harm none, let this ritual be right.

Crafted by : Kayla Baboolal (c)

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