Definitions of Heritage


There are some concepts from my heritage, which are not found in any texts, for these are oral traditions, based on the experience and beliefs of my family.  To help you understand the terms I have selected to use throughout this website, I will provide a brief explanation as to their meanings as they are applied to my heritage:

Spirit Walker

As a spirit walker you can astral travel to other planes of existence. They can walk between the worlds, and are gifted at soul-retrieval and being guides for wayward souls trying to find the ‘light’.

Light Shadow

A light shadow is a person born ‘between the worlds’, and is rooted in neither.  They lend themselves to being spirit walkers, however, may not develop this skill.  They are likely psychic, displaying traits of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.  They are open to communing with the spirit world and most learn about guards and protection, as they are also open to possession.  They tend to be born with a healer’s touch.

Light Warrior

While this term was never used in my family, the concept of a light warrior was.  As I have come to understand it, a light warrior is a Light Shadow who has mastered the ability to Spirit Walk.  This individuals tend to (but not always) have non-human aspects of their soul as determined through DNA Activation, and will be called to battle for the greater good of their other-kin.  They fight for the light of all worlds.


This term was not used to represent the healers, seers, etc. back home.  Certainly my Mama never referred to herself as a Shaman, but she exhibited similar abilities, which she used to help her community and family.  The word Shaman is used here with respect and by no means is it to be associated with the true “Shamans” of Siberia.  In the context of my website it will be used and interchanged with aspects of Shamanism, such as those noted above.

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