Communing Defined


My First Ghost Story …

Mama had many stories to tell… One afternoon, on a trip back home, I asked Mama about the different fruit trees in the backyard, this was how she introduced me to John.  He lived under the Mango tree that once grew in the backyard.

As the story goes, when Mama and Papa had chosen the location for what has stood for four generations as our family home, there was a mango tree scheduled to be uprooted.  This is when John appeared to Mama, and asked that she spare this one tree, for it was his ‘home’.  Where his spirit dwelled.  He appeared to her as a native/Spanish mixed young man, and he promised that if they left his ‘home’ standing, he would protect her children and aid her work.

It is my understanding that John was also of mixed heritage, but based on the conversations he had with Mama, and the guidance he gave, I have no doubt that he was one of the first, the Arwak or Carib of Trinidad.  And this is the first story to teach me of ‘the sight’ and ‘the ability to commune’ with the deceased.

My introduction was made…

It is believed that we currently use about 20% of our brains for our daily functions.  That leaves a lot of potential untapped.  Of course, we all have theories on what the possibilities are within the remaining 80%.  I believe that the human brain is ‘waking’ up.  Gifts that connect us to spirit or allow us entrance in to the spirit realm, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, and many additional ‘magickal’ abilities once forgotten, are resurfacing.  I believe that we all possess at least one of these gifts, right now.  Those who have been practicing their gifts for years, if not from birth, may need no devices to assist them, yet, some become aware of there actual gifts later in life.  To assist in maintaining (or developing) these skills, I have devised simple rituals to help me focus and open my mind to what I’ve always ‘known’ was possible. Within this section, the definitions provided are as I have come to understand the terms and are by no means the only way to ‘see’, or ‘know’ your own truth.

There are several techniques which can be used to commune with spirits and spirit guides. These are the definitions I use within this site.

Psychic Connections:

For those who have natural psychic abilities, (clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience), the individual can either see, hear or sense (a “knowing”), the presence of the other world, or other kin.

External Connections:

Psychics may also employ the use of devices such as tarot, bones, crystals, scrying, runes (the list is extensive) to seek answers from, or communicate with the spirit realm.

Mind Altering Connections:

Another technique for communing with the spirit world is though meditation, trance (induced by dance, drumming of fire gazing) and channeling. Some may employ ‘herbal’ means, however I will not be including these alternatives within my posts.

Please see additional posts for simple rituals to hone your Psychic Connections with Spirit.

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