Clairvoyance – it’s Elementary


There are many instruments that can be used when gazing.  Fire/Candle, Smoke, Water and Crystals are the techniques that work best for me.  I encourage you to try the basic technique with any method you are interested in to see what works best for you as you train your eyes to see what isn’t ‘there’. Before starting, turn off your telephone ringer. If you have a pet who easily distracts you, give the little one a hug and place him/her outside the room.  Turn on ‘white’ noise to drown out the city or neighbors if necessary.

Candle Gazing – A call to Fire:

In a darkened room, sit comfortably on the floor or chair. Place the lit candle so the flame is at eye level.  Look through the flame, to the dark-spot. It’s a small opening between the matter of the candle and the dance of the flame.  As you focus your eyes on this ‘doorway’, enter through it with your third eye.  Feel yourself moving into that space.  Close your eyes, and let the candle’s image dance in your mind, again going through the ‘doorway’.  Open your eyes again.

The negative and positive images of the candles flame should remain in vision.  As they dance over each other a third image will form from the two.  Don’t force this, just allow it to take shape.  Seeing what was not there… seeing into the void… the negative spaces.  Record the images that come to mind.  Eventually the image may become more concrete as your confidence in believing what you ‘see’ grows.  It is likely the message may take the form of an animal, plant or person.  Each with it’s own significance for you.

Smoke Gazing – A call to Air:

For this I use one to three incense sticks or a bamboo resin burner in a room as free of drafts as possible.  I place two candles off to the side of me to softly illuminate the space, but not distract me with their own hypnotic dance.  I then focus on the smoke being released from the incense sticks.  Again, after using my eyes to focus on the swirls and streams of smoke, I use my third eye to move myself into the ‘mist’ of the visible air.  It is usually easy to see shapes within the smoke, just as you would when cloud gazing, for this exercise, I again look for the negative spaces between the smoke. What energy current is moving the smoke away?  Who stands where the smoke cannot?  What visions come?

As you develop this technique, you can combine it with smoke divining.  When I use three sticks, they represent the past, present and future.  I place my intent to my guide to illuminate the past as I light the candle, and then breath-to-breath I give my offering as I gently blow on the flame to allow it to give way to the smoke. I repeat this process for the present and future.

Liquid Gazing – A call to Water:

For this technique I use a glass bowl filled with water, and pour a small amount of Florida Water (oils are a good substitute) into the vessel.  This is a beautiful technique to do outside at night during a full moon.  Reflect the light of Grandmother Moon into the bowl, allow the breezes to stir the oils and watch what comes into view.  Again, train your eyes to see what is not ‘there’.  Do not focus on the oil, but the water.  Let the oil be the negative space surrounding the image and the message meant for you.  If you wish to seek answers or gain insight on a specific area of your life, select an essential oil that corresponds to that task.  

Crystal Gazing – A call to Earth:

Crystals are by far my favourite form of gazing, and can also be used very effectively in channelling.  I find quartz pillars or spheres work best.  Don’t look for a clear crystal, but one that has character, lessons and stories to share.  Use indirect light to see within the crystal. Do not focus on one spot, but allow your mind to drift within the crystal.  See all it’s shapes and cuts, rainbows and shadows.  You will find you are automatically drawn to one aspect within the crystal more than another.  Once you have found such a spot, begin to concentrate on this location, but keep your eyes unfocused; do not try too hard to see, for then you will only see the obvious.  Allow the images to come.  I have had animals take form and move from within the crystal along the path of my third eye, journeying to me, as I have journeyed to her, with guidance. As my strongest gift is Clairsentient in nature, I find these simple techniques have helped me develop the ability of clairvoyance.  What I ‘see’ remains with me, but I hope the techniques I’ve shared are illuminating for you as well.

In all things give thanks…

When utilizing any of these elemental techniques I commune with them first, state my intent and my gratitude for their assistance.



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