Clairsentient – Crystal Formations

Please see my post on Clairsentient Exercises utilizing Crystals.

Record Keepers:

A record keeper has clearly marked etchings along it’s side.  These etchings are in the shape of pyramids and it is believed by some to have been etched by the ancients of the  lost continents of Earth, such as Mu, Lameria or Atlantis.  The chevron patterns hold the “imprint of all that has gone before and are portals for spiritual wisdom…  The crystal can be held and gently rubbed with a finger over the pyramid, which will ‘open the book’” of ancient knowledge.   Pg. 338, The Crystal Bible (Hall)

Time Line (Activator):

A quartz pillar that has a small parallelogram window formed from one of the sides, which creates the termination point.  The triangle inclines either left (to the past), or right (to the future).  A left incline “takes you into ‘the past’ to explore other lives and the spiritual dimensions.”  A right incline “takes you to an apparent future ~ showing that the future is what we make it.”   Pg. 342, The Crystal Bible (Hall)

Ancestral Time Line:

“An ancestral time-line crystal has a very clear flat ledge going up from the base of the crystal toward the apex.  It frequently has a fault line showing exactly where the family pain is located and how far back into the ancestral line” it travels.  It allows healing of ancestral karmic issues, or dis-ease. Pg. 344, The Crystal Bible (Hall)

Channeling, Transmitter and Trans-Channeling Crystals:

A Channeling crystal is noted by a seven sided facet at the front of the termination, and a triangle on the opposite side.  A powerful crystal it should be used by those experienced in channeling. A Transmitter has two seven sided facets with two triangles between them.  “Linking to the purest possible vibrations, they open the intuition and attract wisdom and communication from higher realms.”  Trans-Channelers combine the properties of Channeling and Transmitting crystals.  A rare crystals, it is noted by three seven sided facets, each separated by perfect triangles.  This highly creative crystal brings intuitive awareness into any situation with a creative force.   Pg. 352, The Crystal Bible (Hall)

Scepter Quartz:

“Legend has it that these stones were used as a symbol of spiritual authority in Atlantis and Lemuria.”  “They free the mind from false illusions and bring it to a point of stillness.”  The quartz is characterized by its lingam shape and as such can be used to balance male and female principles. Pg. 340, The Crystal Bible (Hall)

Cathedral Quartz:

These “cosmic computers” contain the wisdom of the ages.  “A Light Library”, similar to the Akashic Records in their nature.  These beautiful crystals appear to be composed of ”several convoluted or separate pieces” which are in fact part of the main crystal. Pg. 336-337, The Crystal Bible (Hall)


A single generator has six facets forming the termination point.  It helps clarify your focus and intent, and is an excellent stone for healing. Pg. 334, The Crystal Bible (Hall)

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