Clairsentience – Channelling


Channeling can be seen as a partial possession.  This will be discussed in more detail in the section ‘First Possession’, however the channelling I will cover in this section is what I will refer to as ‘reverse-channelling’, with crystals.  This technique is not something I’ve developed, but simply the best way I have to explain the process I have experienced.

In regular channelling, you allow a spirit to enter you, you act as the medium.  In ‘reverse-channelling’, the crystal is the medium that you enter to commune with spirit.

This technique is quite simple, but intense in it’s execution.  We all have our own frequency, as do crystals.  Some individual have higher vibrational levels than others, and can, through proper use of mantras and crystal gridding, raise their vibrations higher, becoming more in the range of certain crystals.  When this is accomplished, the shift that occurs can take the participant into the vortex of the crystal.  My first channelling experience was of this nature. (The full experience will be shared under the “Journey” Posts.) There are certain ‘types’ of clear quartz formations that work better than others for this ritualistic exercise. Please see “Clairsentient Crystal Formations” located in the Akashic Records on this site.

The process is simple.  Ensure the crystal is properly cleansed of energy and any previous programming or intent.  In this instance, you are not asking the crystal to do anything, you are allowing the crystal to tell you what to do!  With the type of crystal you wish to learn from in your receptive hand (if you are right handed, this would be the left hand), sit within a quartz grid, points are best, and have them facing in to lend their energy/frequency to your task.

Play an appropriate Mantra. Gayatri or Mani Padmi are two I have found quite effective, in addition Om Shanti and Shiva Mantras also can be quite effective.  If you are working with someone as a protector/guard, have them chant for you during the session. Start by gazing, getting lost within the crystal, but as you turn the crystal in your hands, slowly drift your eyes shut and start to feel the energy within the stone.  Allow yourself to be drawn into it and sense the energy that surrounds you.  Is it sentient?  Do thoughts come to mind as if ‘out of the blue’ that seem uncharacteristic to your normal thought processes yet seem ‘right’?  Do you just ‘know’ and ‘trust’ that what you believe to be true, is?  What is the knowledge you have obtained?

Being a person with a high vibrational energy, I find it hard to ground after working with crystals, and I strongly recommend that if you too have this problem, you work with someone you trust to help ground you after the session.  Ensure you thank the crystal for it’s shared knowledge, I generally present it with an offering, this can be moon/sun light, incense smoke or anointing oil.

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