The Rituals

The series of posts within this section contain the rituals I have created over the past 25 years, and include influences from my mixed hereditary spiritual upbringing, and my book studies of various aboriginal paths around the world.

My informal initiation into ritual, spirit and healing began at the tender age of 6, and were informal based on my visits with my Grandmother. In time, these studies were complimented by my ‘book’ learning which began 25+ years ago.  My rituals were based on a combination of these studies.

Since there was no ‘defined’ way to explain what my grandmother’s path was, I created my own based on her teachings and my studies.  Over time, they went from very formal, to very basic.  Why? Because the more time I spent with spirit and the elements and the ancestors, the more connected I felt to them, always.  But, I love ritual.  It helps define things, get you in the right mindset, and is part of my heritage both from the Buddhist, Folk Hindu, Anglican and Rootworker/Shamanic aspects, however, it truly isn’t necessary to connect to the Devine.  I have done some of my best energy work and had some of  my best conversations with the Creator and Ancestors during hikes, or sitting on the docks.

I believe that book learning is important, but that it is NOT the only way to do things.  The right way for you, will come from practice, trial and error and instinct.  In this section of posts, I will include the very elaborate rituals I first started with, to the more basic ones that are now part of my daily routine, which is still ever changing – the one constant in life that allows for growth in all things.  I will also include rituals that are ‘over’ or ‘complete’ that I created to assist my own life journey or the journey of others who have requested assistance.  I will not post ongoing rituals as I do believe that sharing the knowledge can affect the outcome.  I hope you can respect that :).

In balance ~ SS/FW


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