The Journey

These posts will take you on my journey past, to the ever evolving present.

My family’s religious heritage includes Anglicanism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and what some refer to as Caribbean Shamanism.For the past 20 years my religious focus has shifted to one of spirituality and healing, calling on my Maternal Grandmother’s (Mama’s) healing, spirit and ritual work, as well as personal past-life spirit-walks to seek my purpose and guide my journey. My early educational focus was science based, and it was because of the knowledge gained in my classes, that I found a strong fundamental belief in the power of crystals, esoteric healing and divination (tarot/palmistry).Research has been conducted on cellular memory on muscular and genetic levels.  It is my personal belief that Spiritual Memory is a truth we also live.  Karl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, for instance, may bring rise to debates such as:  Is the Collective Unconscious representative of  our Global Village, or of our past lives which guides us?

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed…

it can be transferred from one form to another.

Thought to deed.
Fuelled by Intent.
The power of Ritual.

European. I have no doubt that past life memories brought me to each of these paths of study.  My focus remains on the similarities that tie all paths together, rather than the differences than push us apart.  discovery help us see the similarities of several aboriginal paths around the world and the unity of the energy of Source/Creation/Divinity.

This website represents aspects of my personal spiritual journey, nothing more, nothing less.  Before sharing my journey, I request you read the disclaimer page (to be posted soon).  If you so choose to continue, I welcome you in perfect trust.I will add rituals, meditations and inspirations to this site as they unfold. Workbooks used in workshops I have presented will also be added to this site. Please note that all material is Copyright protected. Use with care and acknowledgement as they are posted here in perfect trust.

Shakti Shaman – the Fireside Witch

Reiki Master/Teacher
TriDoshic Ayurvedic Healer
Shakti Energy, Spirit and Rootworker

This site is dedicated to the Ancient and the Ancestors…
Mama & Papa,  I love you, Always.


2 thoughts on “The Journey

    • Namaste and thank you Beauty 🙂 My mix goes back a number of generations. Some member of my family hold to one of the paths, my grandma and first teacher, and myself are holding sacred space for a few of them 🙂 There truly are so many similarities underlying most religions and spiritual paths that it is an easy thing to do 🙂 Thank you so very much for journeying with me. I hope to meet you ‘along the road’ or by the ‘fireside’ again soon 🙂 Namaste.


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